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Show 239 – Design & Build #2 – A New Network From Scratch

Eric Dennington @edennington, Steve Occhiogrosso @StephenO86, and Jason Lavoie join the Packet Pushers to chat about building a new network from scratch. We compiled our notes, and decided on a three phase approach.


PQ 50 – Network Service Header (NSH) Deep Dive & Use Cases

On this Packet Pushers Priority Queue episode, we chat with Cisco’s Jim Guichard & Paul Quinn about the topic of Network Service Header (NSH). What is NSH meant to be? What might we use NSH for? What will it take to make NSH a widely adopted reality? This is a follow up to Show 238, where Greg was not feeling the NSH magic. The plan was to show Greg the light. Did Jim & Paul succeed?

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Citizens of Tech 005 – Saga of Lucimia Special, Part 1

Eric Sutphen (@zutfen) and Jeff Pugliese (@tpyowritr) interview game developers Tim Anderson and Giovanni Martello from Saga of Lucimia.

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Network Break 38

Take a Network Break! Grab a coffee, a doughnut and then join us for an analysis of the latest IT news, vendor moves and new product announcements. We’ll separate the signal from the noise–or at least make some noise of our own.

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Citizens of Tech 004 – Retro Virtual Reality Kittehs

A cat sets a world record. A surgical robot gets hacked. Capsela was a sweet toy. Oculus Rift is going to be available soon. Larsen B is falling into the Antarctic Ocean. Spotify takes on video. All this & more on this week’s Citizens of Tech with Eric Sutphen & Ethan Banks.

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HTIRW: Internet Exchange Points

Most providers — transit, edge, and content — are pretty obvious to the various users of the Internet. Users interact with edge and content providers every day, and transit providers have such large names in the industry … read more.

The Night Awaits

and after it a new dawn, but as any wise person will tell you, not before the last light of the sun casts long shadows across the landscape. I often wonder at the sequence of events, coincidences, accidents, … read more.

NFV and OPNFV: Getting Down to Business at ONS 2015

This post is shared by the Open Networking Summit. The Packet Pushers thank the ONS for being a sponsor. SDN principles applied to virtualizing the networks allows for accelerating services deployment for carriers. … read more.

Ravello – a Networking & Security Smart Lab on AWS & Google Cloud

This guest blog post is by Abhinav Gupta, Product & Solutions Marketing Director at Ravello. We thank Ravello for being a Packet Pushers sponsor. Public clouds and Network labs The public cloud is excellent for … read more.


One of the various problems we face in the data networking world is the absolute plethora of tunneling technologies we have available. Going way back to the beginning, there was SNA, GRE, IP-in-IP, and a host of others. … read more.


In this post we will look at something which is relatively new but not as cool as my previous post on Segment Routing. We will take a look at a new BGP feature called "Accumulated IGP, metric of path to prefix" (RFC 7311 … read more.

Visual aids for networkers

Because a picture is worth 1,024 words. Much of what we study are abstract concepts invisible to the human eye. Sure, we know what boxy hardware looks like, and two of our three physical signal transmission … read more.

Free Networking Books

It's hard to believe in our 'you are the product' monetized world but there are some really good, high quality, free networking books out there, with absolutely no strings attached (think Ultron). Here's a quick list of … read more.

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