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Network Break 46: Car Hacks, Cloud Natives

Network Break 46 analyzes car hacking, a new Google-driven open source project for container orchestration, Cisco news and VMware financial results, an exuberant VC market, and a Chrome project promoting the Physical Web.

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Citizens of Tech 011 – Prosthetic Phone Diving

In today’s show, we acknowledge our software overlords, let the cars do the driving, investigate Lego prosthetics, deep dive on diving, and more.

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Show 247 – ThousandEyes Network Visibility – Sponsored

How do you manage networks you don’t control? Our sponsor ThousandEyes joins us to talk about how to get visibility into every network your organization relies on, enabling you to resolve issues faster, improve application delivery, and run your business more smoothly.


Datanauts 004 – The Silo Series – Provisioning Perspectives

Chris Wahl and Ethan Banks bust IT silos by walking through a service request at a fictional corporation. They outline the steps required from network and server domains, providing context to help each group understand what the other is trying to accomplish. The result? A more effective team.

network break logo 20141108

Network Break 45

Network Break 45 talks Plexxi switches, Cisco moves, Intel revenue, the latest open networking news from CloudRouter and OpenStack, a prediction of rising cloud prices, and why Flash should die.

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Website Migration Imminent – Please Stand By

Packet Pushers is getting ready for a long overdue migration of the website to a new platform. If I have done this right, then everything will be fine. Of course, ITIL's Law says that everything looks good on the plan … read more.


NOGs and other NOGs, they sit on logs... Looking at the Internet from the outside, it might almost seem like it runs just on standards bodies, vendors, and providers. But these three groups, as important as they are, … read more.

Startup Radar: Verilume Builds Private Clouds From Spare Capacity

Startup Verilume wants to put the spare capacity in your data center to work. The company’s software aggregates idle compute and available storage and packages it up for self-service consumption by developers and data … read more.

Knowing Stuff

Knowing Stuff. I have to admit, this second post is not as technical as I would prefer, but something that is on my mind a lot. How do we know what we know? How do we constantly work on what is as essential to us as … read more.

Yet Another Blog About Segment Routing, Part2 : TI-LFA

So I finally got some time after a while to write something. In this post we will be looking at Topology Independent LFA aka TI-LFA. We will also compare TI-LFA with LFA, rLFA and TE-FRR. If you don't already have … read more.

Virtually Artificial

I had the great pleasure of stumbling across the Wool trilogy of books last year. I haven't been so touched by a book since The Passage - I must have a thing about the end of the world. The story is about a community … read more.

You Decide

I'm lucky, my current client has me working in a so-called DevOps team, in a very progressive business unit within a large, stable enterprise. F5 Load balancers are everywhere and the 'product' is internet facing, I'm in … read more.

Dual Stack Routed Access Layer With OSPF Design Guide

The networking industry has been advocating “more layer 3, less layer 2” for years. If you’ve been in the industry for any amount of time, you’ve probably dealt with what would be considered a mostly layer 2 environment. … read more.

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