Show 186 – The Silicon Inside Your Network Device – Part 1

Podcast: Download (Duration: 44:00 — 20.6MB) This is Part 1 in a special series looking at the inside of your network device. Although software will be at heart of network innovation, it will still run on hardware and it’s time to expose the internals of our network hardware and understand the hardware architecture inside a […]


Show 185 – Vendor Product Management

How do vendors decide to make network products ? What is the process and thinking behind what happens inside the wall of the vendor ? Today, Greg is join by Omar Sultan from Cisco to talk broadly about how vendors make big decisions

Wicked Witch of the PBX

Healthy Paranoia Show 23: Phone Phreaking, Hacking and Fraud, Oh My!

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:13:51 — 50.8MB) That’s right listeners, you’re not in Kansas anymore! It’s time to follow that Yellow Brick Road to another episode of Healthy Paranoia. Today, we’ll be discussing phone phreaking, hacking and fraud, oh my! So we’re off to see Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of VoIP security, Patrick McNeil. Joining me […]

NFD7 Group Photo

Show 184 – The Future of Networking Part 2 as Inspired by #NFD7

Podcast: Download (Duration: 56:10 — 26.1MB) At Networking Field Day 7, the delegates were treated to vendor demonstrations that challenged our thinking about the future of networking. Perhaps the industry is not agreed on just how we’ll implement and operate our networks in the coming years, but one thing is for certain. The landscape will be […]


Show 183 – Storage Network Design

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:17:11 — 35.7MB) This week, the Packet Pushers talk about storage network design mostly in the context of converged infrastructure. Guests J Metz, Chris Wahl, and Russ White do all the heavy lifting of those storage-related packets from one end of the data center to the other. Show Outline When traditional network […]

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It was Inevitable…

read more.

Why Internet Standards are Still Important

Vidya Narayana, in a piece at Gigaom, said recently: So, why did I actually stop contributing to standards definitions? The primary one is the fact that while the pace at which standards are written hasn’t changed in … read more.

HTIRW: Overview

Okay, so we all know some little slice or another of the Internet. But how do all these slices really fit together? How does each player in the system make money by getting your device to connect to someone else's server … read more.

Twitter War !

Through a court-mandated decision, access to Twitter has officially been blocked across all of Turkey. Weather or not this was the right decision; it is evident that people are not happy about it at all. As you already … read more.

Windows ISATAP Client, Part 1

Last month I had the opportunity to work with a company to perform an IPv6 pilot.  There are a lot of elements to light up for an organization to use IPv6, most of them (but not all) being technical in nature.  One of … read more.

OUTAGES: They Suck, But Let’s Share the After-Action Reports

“It’s impossible to solve significant problems using the same level of knowledge that created them!” --Albert Einstein Outages happen- it’s a simple fact of running any type of system, be it network, server, … read more.

The Packet Pushers At Dell’s Interop Booth Tuesday & Wednesday @ 3:45pm

The Dell networking team has asked the Packet Pushers to co-host a couple of Interop sessions at their booth. Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks will be at the Dell booth on Tuesday, 1-April and Wednesday, 2-April at 3:45pm. In … read more.

When Good NICs Do Bad Things: A Blast of IPv6 Multicast Listener Discovery Queries

This is the write-up of a recent event we experienced on our network.  This will be combination of a  journal of symptoms, troubleshooting steps taken, and a brief overview of the environment and platforms involved. This … read more.

Cisco Internal VLAN Usage

About a month ago I worked on an old CatOS switch. Working on this switch reminded me about some of the differences between CatOS and IOS. One of the big differences is how a Layer 3 routed interface is configured … read more.

Ordered FIB

In a past post, we’ve discussed microloops in link state protocols. If we examine a small ring topology (if you come to my Interop talk, you’ll discover that ring topologies are the heart of network convergence), we can … read more.

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