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A nerdy deep dive into networking technology with 20+ year veterans Greg Ferro & Ethan Banks, plus world-class guests.

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Weekly news & discussion about IT infrastructure with Drew Conry-Murray & Greg Ferro. Guests include embittered industry analysts.

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Chris Wahl & Ethan Banks build data centers, bust silos, and deliver applications with help from special guest talent.

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Greg Ferro & Ethan Banks welcome you to networking's curiosity shop. On this shelf, find an odd bit we just couldn't throw away. On that, an interesting vendor product. And back there, conference coverage.

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Looking at IS-IS Security

Engineers hardly ever think of the control plane as an attack surface — from the new/old wave of centralized controllers (Rule 11!) to the middle term wave of distributed routing protocols, the control plane just hums along in the background without many people thinking about it from a security perspective. That is, until a big […]

Yet Another new BGP NLRI: BGP-LS

Yes, that’s right, we have another new BGP NLRI: BGP-LS. In this post we will be looking at BGP with Link State (LS) extension which is an integral part of the Carrier SDN strategy. We will look at why we need BGP-LS, its internals and its applications. What I won’t cover is things like do we need SDN?, […]

From Windows to Linux

I recently moved from Windows to Linux on my personal laptop and thought I might share my experience. This isn’t directly network related, but hopefully of interest to some portion of the large and diverse PP audience, especially considering recent events in the Microsoft realm. Ignoring that, using Linux ‘at home’ is a great way to learn about […]

F5 iRules – What is a Program?

When I’m not working (boring right now), reading Everyday Feminism (fascinating*) or spending time with the family (awesome) I’m writing. I’ve three book projects on the go, two of which are taking far too long and rapidly become a chore. The third is the third edition of my F5 iRules book (I’m not shilling – […]

Intrinsic Benefits Of Certification

I’m gearing up for a new certification effort, but after eighteen years of progressive experience in IT, a piece of paper or some new initials in my email signature was an extrinsic motivator I didn’t need. Still I found something about the entire process inviting and realized that it was the intrinsic benefits of certification […]