PS Show 35 – OEM SFP and QSFP Modules – Do They Work ?

Do you really need genuine SFP and QSFP modules in your network equipment ? We talk technical with a supplier of OEM modules for your network equipment about the technology, functions and operation of non-vendor SFP optics and modules.


Network Break 18

This week we round up the news and talk about latest vendor happenings.


Show 209 – HP Networks and Network Management – Sponsored

Talking about Network Management get mixed reactions in the network industry with a rich history of products that didn’t match our expectations or needs. In today’s sponsored podcast, HP Networking continues their mission to change the way network engineers feel about their NMS’s through the HP Intelligent Management Center.


PQ Show 34 – Cloudflare Keyless SSL

A couple of weeks ago, Cloudflare announced a new solution that allows DDOS Protection, Caching and application firewalls of SSL encrypted traffic without handing over the private key. This is a significant breakthrough for companies. Many companies have strong controls over private keys that prevent external sharing. More often the simple cost of key ceremonies is punitive to the business.


Show 208 – So, You Want To Work For A Vendor?

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:07:09 — 31.1MB) Lauren Malhoit, Paul Stewart, and Ed Henry join Packet Pushers hosts Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks for a discussion about what it’s like to work for a networking vendor. Lauren and Paul recently started working at Cisco in two very different roles, while Ed went the startup route, landing at Plexxi. […]

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Junos – Wildcard Ranges, Interface Ranges and Configuration Groups

Until recently I have worked almost exclusively on Cisco ASA and IOS platforms. Within the last six months I've added Juniper's Junos platform into my repertoire. The story for how this came to be is one for another post … read more.

HTIRW: Provider Peering and Revenue Streams (Part 1)

In the last post in this series, I described several types of providers -- and even how those descriptions are no longer really "pure," for the most part (although NTT, for instance, is a pure transit provider that only … read more.

Stretching the friendship

It has been nine months now since I hung up the console cable and embarked on my PhD.  I seem to be unusual in the 21st-century IT world in that I have only had a couple of employers over the twenty or so years in the … read more.

Show 209 – HP Networks and Network Management – Sponsored

Talking about Network Management get mixed reactions in the network industry with a rich history of products that didn't match our expectations or needs. In today's sponsored podcast, HP Networking continues their … read more.

Automating the Cabbage Patch Network Today (2014)

"Sometimes my head is a bit of an idiot" is something my daughter might say and that happens to me too, if that time is today and this article, let me know. If you don't get the Cabbage Patch reference and its … read more.

Thinking Through Title II Regulation

Over at CircleID, Geoff Huston has a long'ish article on Title II regulation of the Internet, and the ideals of "net neutrality." The reasoning is tight and strong — his conclusion a simple one: At its heart, the … read more.

EVPN: Intro to next gen L2VPN

Introduction: With the ascent of DCI, a new set of requirements emerged which are not fully addressed by current L2VPN technologies like VPLS. There are three major options in deploying VPLS LDP based VPLS (RFC … read more.

Traceroute – A Small Tool for Big Problems

Basics is must for Network Engineer.Traceroute is an imp and handy tool while  troubleshooting any network issue.How Traceroute works ? Whats the concept behind it ? Its task is to determine  the path taken by packet to … read more.

Now that We’ve Buried the Seven Layer Model…

"But the seven layer model is still useful for teaching networking..." So ran the most common reaction to my post last week about the seven layer model being dead. But let me ask something — how useful is the seven … read more.

Traveling Light – 15 Things in an Engineer’s Bag (including the bag)

My day job involves traveling around northern Europe and occasionally further afield. I often get little notice of where I'm going, or how long I'm going for. This makes for a lot of trudging along train platforms … read more.

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