Citizens of Tech 001 – Knuckle Cracking Felt Animals

Citizens of Tech is an experimental podcast about technology and other things interesting to techies. We know there’s other podcasts in this space, but it’s something we really wanted to do, so we thought we’d give it a try.


Show 234 – Design & Build #1 – Network Mergers

This is the first in a series we’re calling “Design & Build,” where we talk through some common network challenges you might face in your network career. Today, we talk about corporate mergers, where the network you know and love needs to work with a network that you don’t.


PQ 48 – Multi-Tenant DC with ALE & NEC – Sponsored

Subash Bohra from Alcatel Lucent Enterprise and Toshal Dudwhala from NEC America join Packet Pushers Greg Ferro & Ethan Banks in a discussion about SDN in the data center.


Show 233 – Cisco Nexus Using BGP As A VXLAN Control Plane – Sponsored

Lukas Krattiger, Technical Marketing Engineer and Samir Thoria, Principal Engineer at Cisco join Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro for a discussion of how the Cisco Nexus 9K switching platform can use BGP as a control plane for VXLAN.

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Network Break 35

Excerpt: Coffee, doughnuts and networking. A perfect combination with Brocade, CloudRouter, HP, PacketZoom, Pertino, Juniper and much more.

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WAN Virtualization – Is it something that you should consider?

In this article I will try to explain the basics of WAN Virtualization technology (sometimes referred as SD - WAN too), and how much it is relevant to Turkish Enterprises, considering existing architectures, and … read more.

The VPLS & MPLS IP VPN Buyers Field Guide

In this sponsored article, Robert Sturt of The Network Union, BT Authorised Business Partner, discusses some of the latest MPLS IP VPN capabilities in today’s market place. Request Robert Sturt’s IT Manager’s step by … read more.

CCIE RS – it’s the payload, not the header

There is some actual content here, but first - a few drips of sap. The title is a nerdy rendering of the adage 'its the journey, not the destination'. The decision to take time from study and blog had to do with this … read more.

Improving Mean Time To Innocence With ThousandEyes

One of the fundamentally difficult things in modern networks is the fact that organizations don’t own significant portions of them. Certainly, the traditional portions of the network are still under the care and feeding … read more.

HTIRW: Reality at the Mic (3)

Let's take one look back over the IETF before we move on to the next piece of the infrastructure of the 'net. Why does it take so long for a single document to get through the process, and result in a standard? There is, … read more.

Upcoming Event: Packet Pushers at ONUG Talking Software Defined WAN

Time for something different! We are recording a live PacketPushers show in New York during the ONUG conference on Wednesday May 13th at 7PM. - Sign up here. Software Defined WAN in Real World Ethan & Greg will … read more.

CCNP RS – a road traveled

A former colleague who started following the blog asked about the study program used for the CCNP R/S. By the time an email reply was typed up I realized I had a blog post. Since this is fresh on the brain, here's a … read more.

RFCs You Should Know: 5218

Quite often RFCs in the "earlier days" discussed not only process but also design. Looking back now, considering the complexity of the network engineering world, these RFCs might seem even a little trite. But these … read more.

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