Show 230 – Load Balancing With Citrix NetScaler – Sponsored

Load balancers (or application delivery controllers, if you prefer) have been a topic that come up from time to time on Packet Pushers. In today’s sponsored show, members of the Citrix NetScaler team join hosts Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro in an introductory discussion of the NetScaler load balancer family.

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Network Break 33

Take a Network Break! Grab a coffee, a doughnut and then join us for an analysis of the latest IT news, vendor moves and new product announcements. Sponsored by Viptela – SDN WAN that give 10x more for 1/3 the cost.

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Show 229 – Network Break 32 – Juniper Innovation Showcase & More

Over-opinionated analysis on data network and IT Infrastructure. And virtual doughnuts.


Show 228 – Standards Bodies vs. Open Source with Dave Ward & Lauren Cooney

Cisco’s Dave Ward and Lauren Cooney join Packet Pushers’ co-hosts Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks for a discussion on the value of standards bodies in the age of open source software.

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Network Break 31

Over-opinionated analysis on data network and IT Infrastructure. And virtual doughnuts.

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CCIE sponsorship proposal example

Departing the lovely, sterile, electronic testing center after passing the final CCNP Route/Switch exam, and I'm on the way to the local pub to celebrate. You know what I'm already thinking about: gotta ride that wave, … read more.

OpenStack Neutron – The Dirty Network Detail

This post is just a quick response to a comment by Turing Machinæ on Show 227 - OpenStack Neutron Overview with Kyle Mestery, which was "I've learnt absolutely NOTHING about openstack from this podcast." Whilst I don't … read more.

Cisco NAT Cheat Sheet

I've always had a difficult time when attempting to remember how to implement the different types of NAT available on ASA and IOS devices. It doesn't help that between the two device families, there are three different … read more.

Listen to Packet Pushers? Take Our 2015 Audience Survey!

Packet Pushers wants to know about you. Now, we don't want to know about you specifically, because that would be creepy. We're big believers in your privacy for the same reasons we're believers in our own. But we do want … read more.

BGP RR Design – Part 2

This is a continuation from Part 1 9. ACME VPN RR's Design: So the current total number of PE's dedicated for VPN functionality is around 400 (2 PE's in each POP x 200). A full iBGP mesh between 400 PE's comes around … read more.

BGP RR Design – Part 1

1. Introduction In this post we will be looking at large scale RR design by using a fictional ISP ACME  as a reference. As usual, I am assuming that the reader has familiarity with BGP and basic RR concepts. 2. Setting … read more.

HTIRW: Reality at the Mic (1)

We've talked a little about the structure of the IETF, and the process a draft follows when moving from submission to draft to RFC... The perennial question is, though — why does it take so long? Or, perhaps — why is the … read more.

How we upgraded the entire Network Infrastructure in 2 weeks

I work as a Network Engineer at a Research Center in Silicon Valley. Being the only ‘network guy’ here, I’m responsible for the management of all networking devices like Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Radius Servers, … read more.

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