Show 206 – Brocade’s OpenDaylight-Based Vyatta Controller – Sponsored

Podcast: Download (Duration: 38:03 — 17.8MB) If you watch the software defined networking space, you might have noticed that Brocade has been quietly hiring a sharp group of actual (not self-proclaimed) thought leaders and developers. The question has been, “To what end? What’s Brocade going to do with all of these capable folks?” Today, we can answer […]


PQ Show 33 – Intel Rack Scale Architecture – Real or Impractical ?

Podcast: Download (Duration: 35:26 — 16.2MB) At the IDF 2014 conference, Intel made a big song and dance about their Rack Scale Architecture which removes the need for “top of rack” networking and changes the nature of servers in a big way. My initial impression is that this has limited application in the enterprise or […]


Network Break 17

Take a stroll through the Intel IDF 2014 conference which was all about the Software Defined Network/Storage/Infrastructure/Architecture ……

Community Show – Killing the Spanning Tree with SPB,TRILL,Fabricpath from Anthony Sequeira and Orhan Ergun

Podcast: Download (Duration: 45:21 — 41.5MB) No country for old men !!. This week in the Orhan Show,  Anthony Sequeira and Orhan Ergun are talking about spanning tree , its drawbacks, spanning tree modes, technologies which can eliminate the spanning tree’s drawbacks or completely do not use it. Orhan recommends all audience to read  this […]


Show 205 – Open Source Network Monitoring with OMDistro.org

Podcast: Download (Duration: 52:32 — 24.4MB) Network monitoring is one of our most requested topics on Packet Pushers, and this week we take on open source monitoring solutions. Why open source? Because commercial NMS solutions are all over the place in functionality and price. So, if it’s possible to put a solid NMS in place […]

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Traveling Light – 15 Things in an Engineer’s Bag (including the bag)

My day job involves traveling around northern Europe and occasionally further afield. I often get little notice of where I'm going, or how long I'm going for. This makes for a lot of trudging along train platforms … read more.

What The Heck Is SPDY?

A10's presentation at NFD8 seemed to generate a bit of interest (dare I say excitement) and many a question around the SPDY (pronounced 'speedy') protocol. I promised Lindsey Hill (@northlandboy) on Twitter that I'd … read more.

The Seven Layer Model is Dead

Whether we have the funeral in New Orleans style (with a lot of brass and, well, other stuff), or in the more somber style we're all so accustomed to-- or even perhaps dance down the road singing, "ding dong, the model's … read more.

IPv6 Networking Detection Case #141 – Part 2: The Solution

Part 2: The Solution Ready for part 2? Have you read part 1 w/ the facts and clues?  If not, go read that now before you continue. Part 1: The Facts and Clues   Review the Facts and Clues Again   Last we … read more.

IPv6 Networking Detection Case #141 – Part 1: The Facts and Clues

Part #1 - I give you the facts and the clues. Part #2 - I give you what the problem ended up being. Ready to play? This is the IPv6 troubleshooting blog that started off as something else entirely.   I was going to do … read more.

Viewing HTTP Headers Using Browser Developer Tools

I often find myself viewing HTTP headers (request and response) at the 'client side', which are  often much quicker (and safer) than decrypting SSL/TLS traffic on a load balancer/ADC. With the use of SSL/TLS growing … read more.

RFCs You Should Know: 6250

Most RFCs are deeply technical — and they follow the "Yaakov rule" for intelligibility (if you didn't write it, or you didn't sit with one of the authors in a bar someplace to talk about it, you can't understand it), … read more.

Common Network Design Concepts Part-2

In the first article of this series, reliability and resiliency has been explained. Every component and every device can and eventually will fail, thus system should be resilient enough to re converge/recover to a … read more.

Five Reasons To Be At Interop New York

This guest post is by Drew Conry-Murray, Director of Content & Community at Interop and a good friend of the Packet Pushers. SPECIAL NOTE: Interop is offering the Packet Pushers community a 25% discount on Total … read more.

Windows ISATAP Client, Part 3

In Part 2 we did the initial ISATAP configuration for our Cisco router. Here we’ll show the config we use on our Windows clients and server. netsh interface isatap set router netsh interface isatap set … read more.

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