The Packet Pushers Podcast and related feeds have thousands of subscribers, and anywhere from 7K to 15K downloads per show. Over 2.5M podcasts have been downloaded since the show began. Over 2K downloads are made from our content library every single day. About 60% of our global audience is in the US, with 20% in Europe and 10% in Asia. Results from our advertisers have been extremely positive and references are available.

Products that we offer include:

Intro Ad

You give us the text, and we’ll do the voice over work to create a spot about 15-30 seconds long to be played at the beginning of a podcast.

Sponsored Podcast

Our most popular product, a sponsored podcast is a show we record with you using an outline built ahead of time to cover your marketing agenda. We’ll use the same highly technical, conversational format our audience is used to while discussing your company and product.

Banner Advertising

We rotate your 300×250 banner into one of our ad spots displayed at,, & other sites in our network run by Google DFP.

Job Posting

Find solid candidates to interview. You provide the details of your opening, and we post the position to our website and advertise it via RSS and social media.

Contact us for more details, more products, and a current rate sheet. Send an e-mail directly to