AHEAD, LLC – Chicago, Illinois, USA – Data Center Implementation Engineer

Job Summary

AHEAD, LLC, Chicago’s top data center and virtualization consulting firm, is actively seeking engineers with 1 to 5 years of experience in data center technologies to join our team as one of our Ahead Certified Infrastructure Professionals (ACIP).  This full-time position provides unlimited opportunities for career growth and professional development.  We are looking for talented, self-motivated engineers who are passionate about emerging technologies and excited about the opportunity to work for an industry-leading organization.

Through our Professional Development Program, our ACIP Engineers develop both technical and soft skills.  They are cross-trained in multiple key data center functions, while also developing the essential consultative skills needed in a client-facing role.


  • Assist in the implementation and management of customer’s IT infrastructure
  • Effectively work with engineers, architects, and project managers on internal and external technical projects
  • Continually improve technical skill sets through professional development opportunities including: workshops, training in AHEAD’s hybrid cloud demo lab, mentor shadowing, and on-the-job experience
  • Create technical and operational documentation such as: run books, build guides, and change controls
  • Understand, endorse, and follow AHEAD’s methodologies and service offerings

Skills / Qualifications

  • 1-5 years working in at least one area of a corporate data center environment (virtual engineering, storage, backup, networking, application packaging, or VEUC)
  • Experience troubleshooting technical issues
  • Familiarity documenting technical environments
  • Extremely self-motivated and focused individual
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills


Chicago, Illinois, USA


Elizabeth Baumruck- ACIP Program Manager



  1. VirtuallyMikeB says

    This wouldn’t happen to be the recently vacated position of a certain, relatively unknown VMware, NetApp, and Linux rock star that went *back* to work in Afghanistan to help the United States Marines get their environment squared away, would it?

    • Brad Clerkin says

      Mike your right about Mike M. he is a rock star and I know at Ahead we felt the loss when he decided to head back to Afghanistan. This position’s primary goal is to find aspiring Mikes, and give them as many training, lab, and real world opportunities to grow their engineering skill-set to include all facets of data center technology. Mike actually worked with myself to create a lot of the intellectual professional development training curriculum and labs that our ACIP data center engineers partake in.

      • says

        Hi Brad,

        Thanks for the follow-up. Mike spoke highly of Ahead. I follow a couple other dudes that come out of there, Chris Wahl of TheWahlNetwork.com, of course, and Brian Suhr of VirtualizeTips.com. Ahead seems like the place to be for those who have a passion for VMware and associated technologies. Mike M. is a good buddy and my technical mentor while we worked in Afghanistan last year. I’ve been trying to reach his level ever since, something I’m afraid is always going to be a challenge as he’s constantly leading the way. Best of luck in your search – whoever you choose will have big shoes to fill.

        • Brad Clerkin says

          Well MikeB if your interested in Ahead contact Emily she loves telling people about what we do. We’re always looking to network with good engineers.

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