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IT is dead. All hail Systems Engineering!


IT vendors live or die based on their ability to manage complexity on behalf of their users. This is true of all vendors: … [Read more...]

Root Cause Analysis, or Path Scrub?

In the Service-Provider world, there is the concept of a "circuit design review" or "path scrub" or "Class A."  Typically you … [Read more...]

Infineta and Parallelization, Part 1


1. Opinions are like... In the past 5 years I've participated in three proper evaluations of WAN acceleration products. … [Read more...]

The Sad State of Data Center Networking

The Inconsistent Network

Something about next-generation Data Center networking has been bothering me lately.  For a while now, there has been this … [Read more...]

Virtualizing Network Services, Part 1: The Beginning

An abstract representation of network functions

  The Purpose of the "Network" In this series of articles I intend to walk through a series of diagrams with a … [Read more...]

Pill-Chomping Hackers and Security Whack-a-Mole

Tonight on twitter I saw an argument about how social-security numbers and credit card numbers are benign pieces of … [Read more...]

Network, Interrupted

Dear Cisco and Juniper: Its been a good run, Cisco.  Thank you for the CCIE.  Thank you Juniper for the JNCIE.  I learned … [Read more...]

Being Good at IT Stuff

I've been meaning to write a brief entry about careers in IT.  After reading Ethan's  CCIE vs  Experience and First Job … [Read more...]

DLSw+ performance

Just days before 2012 arrives and heralds in the Mayan apocalypse, I thought I'd do something ridiculous.   Like shoot heroin … [Read more...]

SQL*Net (a.k.a Oracle TNS) and firewalls…

Most vendor’s firewalls have a SQL ALG that handles SQL*Net traffic. They listen on TCP port 1521. SQL*Net is based on … [Read more...]

More Open Flow Symposium notes…


1. OpenFlow and standards. "Laws, decrees, edicts, ordinances, writs will shower down upon the poor people like … [Read more...]

Secure multi-tenant VMWare, vGW, and VLAN Normalization


Yesterday I did some lab work with an SE from Juniper with their hypervisor-based FW solution, vGW.  As a virtual-networking … [Read more...]

“Virtual-Networking” is as meaningless a term as “Cloud” now.

With so much virtual-networking stuff going on these days, its worth taking a step back and trying to understand what the … [Read more...]

More OpenFlow thoughts… then I’m done, I promise.


Lets get straight into it.  Below is a diagram depicting a hypothetical (and entirely realistic) OpenFlow network.  I pieced … [Read more...]

Big Switch Network, OpenFlow, and Virtual-Networking

There's been a lot of movement happening lately under the "Virtual Networking" moniker.  I sat down this morning and thought … [Read more...]