About Ethan Banks

Ethan Banks, CCIE #20655, has been managing networks for higher ed, government, financials and high tech since 1995. Ethan co-hosts the Packet Pushers Podcast, which has seen over 2M downloads and reaches over 10K listeners. With whatever time is left, Ethan writes for fun & profit, studies for certifications, and enjoys science fiction. @ecbanks

Show 208 – So, You Want To Work For A Vendor?


Lauren Malhoit, Paul Stewart, and Ed Henry join Packet Pushers hosts Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks for a discussion about what … [Read more...]

Show 207 – Cisco Nexus Unified Fabric – Sponsored


Before listening, you might like to download the PDF that goes along with this show... Building simplified, automated, and … [Read more...]

Show 206 – Brocade’s OpenDaylight-Based Vyatta Controller – Sponsored


If you watch the software defined networking space, you might have noticed that Brocade has been quietly hiring a sharp … [Read more...]

Show 205 – Open Source Network Monitoring with OMDistro.org


Network monitoring is one of our most requested topics on Packet Pushers, and this week we take on open source monitoring … [Read more...]

Show 204 – Reducing Your Attack Surface with Avaya Stealth Networks – Sponsored


"The problem with ‘covering your tracks’ in network security is that your ‘covering’ becomes more conspicuous than your … [Read more...]

Show 203 – SDN Policy + Congress with Martin Casado & Tim Hinrichs


This week, the Packet Pushers chat with Martin Casado & Tim Hinrichs about policy. What's policy, you ask? In the context … [Read more...]

Show 202 – Avaya & The Critical Importance of the SDN Underlay – Sponsored


"The most interesting part of building our house was choosing the brick and trim," explains Randy Cross, Director of Product … [Read more...]

Jr. Network Admin Willing to Work In Columbus, Ohio? Let’s Talk!


Carenection is where I currently work as the Senior Network Architect. We are looking for a Junior Network Administrator. If … [Read more...]

Show 198 – Kirk Byers on Network Automation with Python & Ansible


Kirk Byers has been doing network automation work for quite a while now. I've been following his Pynet mailing list, where he … [Read more...]

Show 197 – Cisco Nexus Updates with Ron Fuller – Sponsored


Repeat guest and friend of the Packet Pushers Ron Fuller chats with Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks about the latest updates to … [Read more...]

Show 196 – EVPN Introduction & Use-Cases with Russ White + Jeff Tantsura


This week, Packet Pushers' hosts Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro queue up a discussion about a new technology, exploring EVPN with … [Read more...]

Show 194 – SDN Northbound Interfaces with Sarwar Raza + Colin Dixon


At a conference I attended in late 2013 or early 2014 (I've forgetten which one), I was privileged to hear Sarwar Raza (HP, … [Read more...]

Show 193 – Huawei CloudEngine & CloudFabric for the DC + Enterprise – Sponsored


Global telecom giant Huawei continues to grow their substantial networking footprint by pushing into the enterprise and data … [Read more...]

Show 192 – Logging Design & Best Practices


Jay Swan, Lennart Koopman, and Wes Kennedy join the Packet Pushers co-hosts Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro in this discussion of … [Read more...]

The Packet Pushers At Dell’s Interop Booth Tuesday & Wednesday @ 3:45pm


The Dell networking team has asked the Packet Pushers to co-host a couple of Interop sessions at their booth. Greg Ferro and … [Read more...]