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Book Review: How to Master CCNP Route

Book Details How to Master CCNP Route Rene Molenaar EBook PDF via instant download with … [Read more...]

TCP Fast & Curious: A Look At TCP Fast Open


“The TCP is intended to provide a reliable process-to-process communication service in a multinetwork environment. The TCP is … [Read more...]

Pushing Packets the Last Mile

"The "last mile" or "last kilometer" is the final leg of delivering connectivity from a communications provider to a … [Read more...]

“Smoke and Mirrors” – Questions and RFCs That Help You Interpret Vendor Performance Claims


Reading Tom Hollingsworth's post Network Consumer Reports got me to thinking of the time my boss came to me and said, "The … [Read more...]

Using NETCONF + YANG To Configure Network Devices and Why It Does Not Replace SNMP

The Network Configuration Protocol, NETCONF, is an IETF network management protocol. It was developed in the NETCONF working … [Read more...]

A look at the new LSA types in OSPFv3 with Vyatta and Cisco


OSPFv3 brings on a few changes. This post will take a look at the two new LSA types in OSPFv3 using a Cisco and Vyatta … [Read more...]

CloudShark new features and Why would I use CloudShark when I could just install Wireshark?

I had scheduled to watch a live demo of CloudShark the other day, but missed it due to work. Then I recieved an email from … [Read more...]

The IPv6 Forum and the IPv6 Ready Logo Program

I'm reading this blog post over on blogs.cisco.com more because I had not seen this “IPV6 Ready Logo Phase 2 (Gold)” than … [Read more...]

First Hop Redundancy Protocols in IPv6: HSRP + GLBP


Currently Cisco has support for Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) and Gateway Load Balancing (GLBP) in IPv6. There is an … [Read more...]

IPv6 OSPFv3 ESP Packets and Decrypting with Wireshark


I am working on IPv6. While doing OSPFv3, I get to the encryption option, covered in a relative easy to read and informative … [Read more...]

IPv4 DHCP vs IPv6 DHCPv6


We all know and love DHCP in IPv4. We understand the broadcast operation and the DORA (Discover, Offer, Request, ACK), as … [Read more...]

IPv6 and the Importance of the ICMPv6 – Packet Too Big Message


I've been reading a lot about IPv6. Is it or isn’t it? Will it be or won't it be? When it will be and just get ready for … [Read more...]