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Halloween Career Advice from the Damned

Halloween Careers Advice

“Now, as you look through this document you’ll see that I’ve underlined all the major decisions I ever made to make them … [Read more...]

Traveling Light – 15 Things in an Engineer’s Bag (including the bag)

An important historical monument taken traveling in the back of a cab

My day job involves traveling around northern Europe and occasionally further afield. I often get little notice of where I'm … [Read more...]

One leg too few? Architectural Best Practice on SSL VPNs

VPN without firewall

A couple of times in the past month I've been asked where a SSL VPN appliance should be deployed in relation to the firewall. … [Read more...]

Operation (Unicorn?) Mincemeat, Counter Security, and a book about JWAS

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Major_W._Martin.png

In 1943, Spanish officials recovered the body of a spy from the Atlantic coast of Huelva.  The suitcase still attached to his … [Read more...]

Ambassadors Cookbook for Enterprise now available

Hindustan Ambassador

At the beginning of 2013 I was asked to join the Juniper Ambassador team; essentially an outreach program to those active in … [Read more...]

The Realpolitik of technical pre-sales

You thought I was acting in your best interest, How Precious

I’m the technical guy in the room, but yes, you could call me a salesperson if you were feeling vicious.  I work with many … [Read more...]

2e2: The Hindenburg of Cloud Providers & What It Means for Outsourcing

The Hindenburg Disaster

I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with cloud services and outsource providers. In my day job, we provide a few cloud … [Read more...]

15 reasons You’re technical documentation sucks

As part of my day job I produce technical documents, proposals and RFP responses for a (mostly) non-technical audience. I … [Read more...]

Riverbed Steelhead and Juniper WX Part II – When a tunnel is not a tunnel

TCP Headers

In my previous post "Getting Nerdy about WAN optimisation", I discussed some of the basics of WAN optimisation and how the … [Read more...]

Riverbed Steelhead vs. Juniper WX Part I – Getting Nerdy about WAN Optimisation

Off-Path vs. In-Path Interception

After numerous false starts, begging, cajoling and a minor tantrum, I finally got myself on a Riverbed Steelhead training … [Read more...]

Lessons Which Information Security Can Learn from the Fukushima Incident Report


Firstly, the events in Japan were horrible beyond belief. The earthquake and subsequent tsunami were horrifying to witness, … [Read more...]

Juniper MAG6610 Performance Characteristics

SA6000 Throughput

I was asked a question by @cooperlees as to whether I’d see any real-world performance indications on the Juniper MAG 6610 … [Read more...]

Dear Juniper – Please make JNCIA-Junos a pre-requisite exam for JNCIA-AC. THANKS!

If there was ever a technology which had a minimum pre-level of knowledge attached, it was JNCIA-AC. Understanding the … [Read more...]

What’s New & Unboxing of Juniper Junos MAG Appliances Part III of III

MAG6610 Front and Rear

In this part III, I'm going to cover "everything else" which didn't make it into the other two posts or didn't justify a post … [Read more...]

What’s New & Unboxing of Juniper Junos MAG Appliances Part II of III

MAG-CM060 J-Web Login Screen

Well, it's looks like I've made it to part II of my short series introducing Juniper's latest chassis based appliances. In … [Read more...]