About Matthew Mengel

Matthew was a Senior Network Engineer for a regional educational institution in Australia for over 15 years, working with Cisco equipment across many different product areas. However, in April 2011 he resigned, took seven months of long service leave to de-stress and re-boot before becoming a network engineer for a medium sized non-profit organisation. At the end of 2013, he left full-time networking behind after winning a scholarship to study for a PhD in astrophysics. He is on twitter infrequently as @mengelm.

Stretching the friendship

It has been nine months now since I hung up the console cable and embarked on my PhD.  I seem to be unusual in the … [Read more...]

Conferences: Go

It is slightly paradoxical that since I left networking for the student life I've actually been reading more about networking … [Read more...]

IPv6 at Home – Prefix Delegation

IPv6 Summit Swag

As many of you may know, I used to move packets around for a living.  I'm not doing that any more, but I'm still … [Read more...]

Farewell to Networking

Almost twenty years ago, I began my career in networking.  HP hubs and routers, no VLANs, one router PHY port per subnet.  … [Read more...]

Professional Loneliness

Lately I've been bouncing some generic DMVPN questions off the twittersphere.  I've used DMVPN sporadically in tiny … [Read more...]

Fun With Unmanaged Switches + Port Security

Figure 2: Connectivity After

I've just passed a year of my job working at a smallish non-profit, and one part that I really am enjoying is passing on … [Read more...]

An Existential Crisis in my CCIE Study?


When I was about three quarters of the way through writing my Master's thesis, I was having some real doubts about whether … [Read more...]

VoIP Call Playback & Other Wireshark Voice Tools


I am not a Voice Engineer. Like many, though, I've found it inevitable that pure packet herding will intersect with voice at … [Read more...]

A Poor Engineer’s VPN – Using WinSSHD and PuTTY for Tunnels


In my previous employment, I was spoiled for remote access solutions. Back in the day I implemented Cisco AS5800 dialin … [Read more...]

Scansafe SaaS Content Filtering: Evaluation & Setup on Cisco ISR G2


At my current gig, I have been tasked to investigate web content filtering - cue groans from anyone who has ever had to … [Read more...]

Overview of the Cisco 887VA Router & Its USB

Plugging in a Toshiba 16Gb thumb drive

As I have mentioned before, I have been working on a network redesign for a non-profit organization, with an aim of deploying … [Read more...]

Dropping Down a Gear


As I have written previously, I have started work after many months of long service leave, and evaluating where I am going … [Read more...]

Work-Life Versus Cold Hard Cash

My previous post, "When Your Job Becomes Your Prison" seemed to hit a bit of a nerve with some of you out there, and I am … [Read more...]

When Your Job Becomes Your Prison

Cheesy Tourist Photo at Uluru

It has been a while since I last posted here, or anywhere for that matter. I have been taking a bit of a break from all … [Read more...]

The Power of Names


Fear names. Names have power in identity. Others can use names as weapons. Names are a hook that can be used to track you... … [Read more...]