About Russ White

Russ White is a Network Architect who's scribbled a basket of books, penned a plethora of patents, written a raft of RFCs, taught a trencher of classes, and done a lot of other stuff you either already know about, or don't really care about. You want numbers and letters? Okay: CCIE 2635, CCDE 2007:001, CCAr, BSIT, MSIT (Network Design & Architecture, Capella University), MACM (Biblical Literature, Shepherds Theological Seminary). Russ is a Principal Engineer in the IPOS Team at Ericsson, where he works on lots of different stuff, serves on the Routing Area Directorate at the IETF, and is a cochair of the Internet Society Advisory Council. Russ will be speaking on Network Complexity at RIPE in May, and has recently published a new book, The Art of Network Architecture.

HTIRW: DNS Lookups


Note: Some of this will be really basic for a lot of folks, but bear with me — in looking at the entire system as a system, … [Read more...]

It was Inevitable…


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Why Internet Standards are Still Important

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HTIRW: Overview


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Ordered FIB


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Review: Hadoop Operations

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Review: OpenStack Deployment


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Review: Cloud Architecture Patterns


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2014-01-13 fig01

Don’t look now, but you have microloops. How do I know? Because virtually every network with rings larger than three hops, … [Read more...]

IP/FRR and Centralized Control Planes

2014-01-07 fig01

I’ve been spending some time in the last few months talking through various fast reroute systems – we’ve looked at one … [Read more...]

Maximally Redundant Trees

figure 1

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On Link in IPv6

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A Bit of Irony…

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IETF 88 Technical Plenary

This is a long video, but you need to watch it. I'll have a couple of longer reports on IETF 88 in the coming weeks, as I get … [Read more...]

Remote LFA


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