About Will Dennis

Will Dennis has been a systems and network administrator since 1989, and is currently the Network Administrator for NEC Laboratories America, located in Princeton NJ. He enjoys the constant learning it takes to keep up with the field of network and systems administration, and is currently pursuing the Cisco CCNP-R/S certification. He can be found on the Twitters as @willarddennis, and on Google Plus.

Parsing Junos XML with Python


I'll admit it - I've drunk the "Network Engineers should learn programming" Kool-Aid. In so doing, I'm gearing up for Kirk … [Read more...]

Ansible Rapid Development Environment using Vagrant

Vagrant VM as Ansible target

First off, this post isn't a straight-up networking post; although it does contain networking content (enabling Vagrant VMs … [Read more...]

Kicking tires on Cumulus Linux


So, I ended my last blog post with a wish - "hopefully someday I can get a real switch running Cumulus to play with ;-)" … [Read more...]

Switching to Linux for… Switches?

Lab whiteboard drawing

Like many folks out there, I'm following the rise of "whitebox switching", and am interested to see if (and where) it takes … [Read more...]

Cisco IPsec VPN breakage on Windows 8[.1] and OS X 10.9

Screenshot of built-in Cisco IPsec client

Oh, to be a Cisco IPsec VPN user these days... Now I know that we should get with the program and move to AnyConnect, since … [Read more...]

Back to the Basics…

Internet Protocol v4

Now that I've finished learning about SDN, and then studied for and passed my latest Cisco certification (CCNA Security, … [Read more...]

A review of the recent Coursera SDN MOOC


Back in the springtime of this year, I saw that Coursera was going to be offering a free six-week SDN MOOC taught by Dr. Nick … [Read more...]

OpenStack Quantum Network Implementation in Linux

Quantum logical topology

So there I was, a shiny new OpenStack Folsom install (via DevStack) on a single server, and everything seems to be working -- … [Read more...]