Senseless Wifi Sense

Pardon me while I rant. This week, the world seems to have gone a little more insane. I’ve upgraded to Win10 over the weekend — after figuring out how to get my Wacom pad to work in some sort of reasonable manner (the Wacom drivers don’t really like the touchscreen drivers that don’t really like […]

Network Documentation Series: Port Mapping

In this post, I will be doing a brief commentary on creating and maintaining a physical port mapping spreadsheet. A port mapping spreadsheet is useful for keeping track of used/available ports on your network equipment, thoroughly documenting to which remote device each port connects, and generating configuration scripts to update port descriptions on the equipment. […]


Network Operators Groups (NOGs) are integral to the running of the Internet. They’re also great resource for network engineers. Providers tend to build large, complex networks, and they are generally very open about sharing how they’re doing it — from tools to techniques to equipment to processes.