Back to Basics: How to Rack a Switch

This article is the first in a new mini-series where I will be doing semi-deep dives on some of the simpler, but often overlooked, aspects of network and datacenter engineering. Approx Reading Time: 3-4 Minutes It is quite commonplace these days to see equipment mounted incorrectly in a rack. Even though we are not mechanical […]

Bridging Between Cisco VIRL and GNS3 for L2 and Serial Support

Screenshot 2015-09-25 13.25.00

One of the known issue for anyone preparing for a Cisco exam is that the solutions available today don’t support all the needed features.  Cisco VIRL supports L2 switching out of the box, whereas GNS3 does not.  GNS3 supports the configuration of serial interfaces on routers whereas Cisco VIRL does not.  For someone starting out in this […]