FlexVPN configuration


In this post we’ll have a look at the process of configuring a FlexVPN network (unofficially known as DMVPN phase 4). I’ll show what components are involved in configuration and how they all tie together. For most patient readers there’s a bonus at the end of this post.

IETF Yokohama: Days 4 & 5

Funny enough, much of the food you will find in Yokohama is Chinese, rather than Japanese — another odd fact you probably didn’t need to know. I’m going to cover day 4 and 5 here, as I’m leaving tomorrow morning to head back to the “real world.” Wednesday is a “slow day” in terms of […]

ONUG Fall 2015 Live Blog – Ethan Banks


I’ll be live blogging from ONUG for this fall 2015 session. I’m in Manhattan already, looking forward to the event that starts on Wednesday. Refresh this page periodically to see the latest updates as I glean technical data from the presentations in real-time.