Book Review: ‘The Peripheral’ By William Gibson

The Peripheral

William Gibson is working at the height of his abilities in The Peripheral. Characters move back and forth between near present-day and an unusual post-apocalyptic future, and the book blends high-tech, visionary showpieces with themes of class, opportunity, and economic injustice.

CCIE RS – it’s the payload, not the header

There is some actual content here, but first – a few drips of sap. The title is a nerdy rendering of the adage ‘its the journey, not the destination’. The decision to take time from study and blog had to do with this very thing – reserving time for reflection along the way. While taking […]

Review: Hadoop Operations

Hadoop Operations Eric Sammer Hadoop is one of those applications all data centers seem to need to support – and there is a lot of information out there about how Hadoop works, how to use it, and how to build Hadoop systems. From these, it’s pretty easy to glean a general set of requirements for […]

Review: OpenStack Deployment


Deploying OpenStack Ken Pepple OpenStack is a wide ranging initiative started by Rackspace and NASA in 2010 designed to provide open source software to build and manage IaaS cloud services. What’s often missing in open source projects like OpenStack is a definitive guide to the release schedule, the different pieces, how the different pieces interact, […]

Review: Cloud Architecture Patterns


Cloud Architecture Patterns Bill Wilder Networks support applications. Okay, that might seem a little obvious, but it needs to be said from time to time. In that vein, I often find it useful to get a better grip on the applications people are putting on networks, and how they expect the network to behave. In […]