Intrinsic Benefits Of Certification

I’m gearing up for a new certification effort, but after eighteen years of progressive experience in IT, a piece of paper or some new initials in my email signature was an extrinsic motivator I didn’t need. Still I found something about the entire process inviting and realized that it was the intrinsic benefits of certification […]

Re-New. Again

Re-New. Again. Greetings. Welcome to my first blog post. I have to say, I feel a little out of my class in the esteemed collection of networking talent I see blogging on this site. I have never been the top tier of networking. I have never been the guy who just seems to know everything. […]

Visual aids for networkers


Because a picture is worth 1,024 words. Much of what we study are abstract concepts invisible to the human eye. Sure, we know what boxy hardware looks like, and two of our three physical signal transmission media (excluding wireless) are things we can reach out and touch, but most of what we work on is untouchable – ghosts […]

CCIE RS – it’s the payload, not the header

There is some actual content here, but first – a few drips of sap. The title is a nerdy rendering of the adage ‘its the journey, not the destination’. The decision to take time from study and blog had to do with this very thing – reserving time for reflection along the way. While taking […]

CCNP RS – a road traveled

A former colleague who started following the blog asked about the study program used for the CCNP R/S. By the time an email reply was typed up I realized I had a blog post. Since this is fresh on the brain, here’s a breakdown.  Important note: I took the previous version of these exams. In […]