Why Compatibility And Support Don’t Justify $1000 Optics


Howdy. By now I hope y’all realize I don’t pull any punches and no subject is off-limits. Having said that, I want be upfront and say this subject is very near and dear to my heart and is one of my main areas of work for almost two years. I’ll do my best to be […]

What Are SAI And Switchdev And Why Do We Need Them To Succeed?

Howdy. In my last post I discussed the need for an open source framework to drive merchant switching silicon. Towards the end of that long post, I mentioned a future post talking about the Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) and switchdev in depth. Welcome to that post. There’s been a lot of synergy between both projects, […]

Why The Industry Needs An Open Source Framework For Switching Silicon


Howdy. Occasionally the topic of open sourcing a driver, library, or SDK to a commodity product comes up as more developers start working on/deploying said product. Typically, the vendor makes a concession and opens up the documentation to increase adoption and supportability. Sometimes this works. Sometimes, it just pisses off the developers to such an […]

State Your Intentions


A man they call ‘Big Tex’ launches a series of no-BS posts on open networking as it relates to hardware and software.