F5 iRules – What is a Program?


When I’m not working (boring right now), reading Everyday Feminism (fascinating*) or spending time with the family (awesome) I’m writing. I’ve three book projects on the go, two of which are taking far too long and rapidly become a chore. The third is the third edition of my F5 iRules book (I’m not shilling – […]

Using Puppet to Configure F5 Network’s LTM via SOAP


You’ll like this, and you won’t; and that reflects on how I’ve felt variously about this task/burden. So, I’ve spent three weeks, almost full-time, on the work necessary to use Puppet to configure F5 Networks LTM via SOAP. Not just a few Pools and Virtual Servers; the whole box, from scratch. I knew this would be […]

Using ssldump to Decode/Decrypt SSL/TLS Packets


Who needs the Wireshark GUI right; let’s do this at the command line and be grown up about things. This is a straight copy of my popular Using Wireshark to Decode/Decrypt SSL/TLS Packets post, only using ssldump to decode/decrypt SSL/TLS packets at the CLI instead of Wireshark. Aside from the obvious advantages, immediacy and efficiency of a CLI tool, ssldump also […]