Network Documentation Series: Port Mapping

In this post, I will be doing a brief commentary on creating and maintaining a physical port mapping spreadsheet. A port mapping spreadsheet is useful for keeping track of used/available ports on your network equipment, thoroughly documenting to which remote device each port connects, and generating configuration scripts to update port descriptions on the equipment. […]

Network Documentation Series: Logical Diagram

In this article, I will do a walk-through of a logical network diagram. As I also said in the Physical Diagram article: I prefer to use the term “logical” instead of “L3″ because it is more easily understood by somebody unfamiliar with the OSI model. It also removes the assumption (made by many non-technical people) […]

Managed Power Supplies And How To Automate Your Branch Network

One of the worst parts of the day has to be calling AT&T or Comcast to request a dispatch to a branch office or to check up on a problematic Internet circuit.  First you yell “Technical Support” to try and get past the prompts.  Then once you get a person on the line, they ask “Did […]