Looking at IS-IS Security

Engineers hardly ever think of the control plane as an attack surface — from the new/old wave of centralized controllers (Rule 11!) to the middle term wave of distributed routing protocols, the control plane just hums along in the background without many people thinking about it from a security perspective. That is, until a big […]

Yet Another new BGP NLRI: BGP-LS

Fig.2 BGP-LS

Yes, that’s right, we have another new BGP NLRI: BGP-LS. In this post we will be looking at BGP with Link State (LS) extension which is an integral part of the Carrier SDN strategy. We will look at why we need BGP-LS, its internals and its applications. What I won’t cover is things like do we need SDN?, […]

SDN Controller Benchmarking

There’s been a lot of talk of late on the performance of centralized network controllers (such an odd thing to say when you think about it, but there it is). Ethan recently had a post up on the topic of scaling and SDNs that overlaps with this topic, and SDN Testing ran some interesting tests […]


Network Operators Groups (NOGs) are integral to the running of the Internet. They’re also great resource for network engineers. Providers tend to build large, complex networks, and they are generally very open about sharing how they’re doing it — from tools to techniques to equipment to processes.