Learning QoS from RFCs

One of the things I insist on is learning the theory or concepts behind the technologies, rather than just learning how to configure the technology. This is often more difficult than it seems, though, because it’s hard to find (and often read) the documents that describe the technology — they’re often written in a language […]

Stop Being A Specialist


When I began my IT journey I had a guy that I worked with that had been in IT since the 90s. He told me that I needed to find my niche and stay there. He said if you know everything about one little part of the network, that they wouldn’t be able to get […]

FlexVPN configuration


In this post we’ll have a look at the process of configuring a FlexVPN network (unofficially known as DMVPN phase 4). I’ll show what components are involved in configuration and how they all tie together. For most patient readers there’s a bonus at the end of this post.

PCE and PCEP Overview


In the last blog, I briefly mentioned about PCE and how BGP-LS can be used as one of the ways to collect the topology information. In this blog we will explore more about PCE, the problems it tries to solve and different elements of PCE. But before we go any deeper, I do want to […]