Yet Another new BGP NLRI: BGP-LS

Fig.2 BGP-LS

Yes, that’s right, we have another new BGP NLRI: BGP-LS. In this post we will be looking at BGP with Link State (LS) extension which is an integral part of the Carrier SDN strategy. We will look at why we need BGP-LS, its internals and its applications. What I won’t cover is things like do we need SDN?, […]

F5 iRules – What is a Program?


When I’m not working (boring right now), reading Everyday Feminism (fascinating*) or spending time with the family (awesome) I’m writing. I’ve three book projects on the go, two of which are taking far too long and rapidly become a chore. The third is the third edition of my F5 iRules book (I’m not shilling – […]