ONUG Fall 2015 Live Blog – Ethan Banks


I’ll be live blogging from ONUG for this fall 2015 session. I’m in Manhattan already, looking forward to the event that starts on Wednesday. Refresh this page periodically to see the latest updates as I glean technical data from the presentations in real-time.

Join the Packet Pushers – Live SD-WAN Podcast with Viptela Nov. 4 in NYC


Next week, the Packet Pushers will be recording a podcast live in front of a crowd in NYC. We’ll be talking SD-WAN deployment with Viptela customers who have been actively rolling out the solution. With this show, we want to move from “what is SD-WAN?” to “how is SD-WAN working for you?” Sign up to attend this event here:

CloudGenix SD-WAN Whitepaper by Packet Pushers


Packet Pushers took on an SD-WAN whitepaper sponsored by CloudGenix. There were two main ideas behind this whitepaper. (1) Describe a typical SD-WAN solution. (2) Discuss CloudGenix specifics. When done reading, you should know both what SD-WAN will do for you, as well as how to integrate CloudGenix into your existing WAN with a minimum of disruption. Download with no regwall from here: http://bit.ly/PPCGWP.

PCE and PCEP Overview


In the last blog, I briefly mentioned about PCE and how BGP-LS can be used as one of the ways to collect the topology information. In this blog we will explore more about PCE, the problems it tries to solve and different elements of PCE. But before we go any deeper, I do want to […]