Yet Another Blog About Segment Routing, Part3: SR-TE


In the last blog we looked at PCE for centralized path-computation and PCEP as a communication protocol between PCE and PCC.We also looked at brief demo of PCE sending ERO’s (IP or SR Node labels) to the PCC(Head end). In this Blog post we will particularly try to focus at Traffic Engineering (SR-TE) aspects of […]

Stop Being A Specialist


When I began my IT journey I had a guy that I worked with that had been in IT since the 90s. He told me that I needed to find my niche and stay there. He said if you know everything about one little part of the network, that they wouldn’t be able to get […]

SDN Doesn’t Negate Monitoring

While SDN automates network configuration, it’s not a replacement for network or application performance monitoring tools. In fact, monitoring tools are likely to become more capable as software-driven data streams flow in from all parts of the data center.

QoS Done Right


Sonus VellOS controls the network based on dynamic unified communications requirements. Network resources are automatically allocated to satisfy UC demands, turning QoS into Quality of Experience.

ONUG Fall 2015 Live Blog – Ethan Banks


I’ll be live blogging from ONUG for this fall 2015 session. I’m in Manhattan already, looking forward to the event that starts on Wednesday. Refresh this page periodically to see the latest updates as I glean technical data from the presentations in real-time.