NFV and OPNFV: Getting Down to Business at ONS 2015


NFV and OPNFV approaches, experiences and challenges in Service Provider networks is an important area of coverage at the upcoming Open Networking Summit 2015 (ONS2015), the premier SDN and NFV conference, held June 14-18 in Silicon Valley, USA. View the detailed program agenda, distinguished speakers and register now! Use the code PACKETPUSHERS to get a 15% discount for ONS2015 registration and save $240.

OpenStack Neutron – The Dirty Network Detail

OpenStack Neutron Networking

Update: I’m slowly getting there, third and more accurate diagram attached below which now includes where security policies, iptables and network namespaces are deployed. I’ve now also removed the previous two incorrect diagrams as they seem to be popping up on Google. This post is just a quick response to a comment by Turing Machinæ […]

Using Python Context Managers for SSH connections

In this post, I will cover basic usage of Python’s context managers to connect to a network device using SSH. I will use them to abstract the connection establishment and teardown logic that is needed when making an SSH connection. Note: This post will not cover context manager details, as great explanations can already be found online. Instead, this article […]