Skyport Systems: Fortress Infrastructure

The attitude of breach presumption is one that has fostered a family of seek-and-destroy security products. Find the infected system and fix it. Fair enough. Breach presumption is perhaps a wise posture to take, but it doesn’t mean we have to give up the perimeter. While some security consultants I’ve talked to tell me they […]

Debug Generator – Fortigate Flow Trace


I’ve found that when working with Fortigate firewalls and needing to be able to use the debug flow command set, it takes a bit too long to manually type out the commands. If you’re in a pressurised environment saving a few seconds here and there can be valuable. First we need to grab the script […]

How Do I Protect My Organisation from Exploit Kits?

Exploit kit diagram

Most network architects I’ve worked with seem quite familiar with botnets, but exploit kits (EKs) are somewhat of a mystery. I’ve recently come across a couple of good papers explaining the topic, one from CERT-UK titled ‘Demystifying the exploit kit’, available at the following URL: And ‘Evolution of Exploit Kits’ from Trend Micro: […]

Stop Being A Specialist


When I began my IT journey I had a guy that I worked with that had been in IT since the 90s. He told me that I needed to find my niche and stay there. He said if you know everything about one little part of the network, that they wouldn’t be able to get […]