Looking at IS-IS Security

Engineers hardly ever think of the control plane as an attack surface — from the new/old wave of centralized controllers (Rule 11!) to the middle term wave of distributed routing protocols, the control plane just hums along in the background without many people thinking about it from a security perspective. That is, until a big […]

Senseless Wifi Sense

Pardon me while I rant. This week, the world seems to have gone a little more insane. I’ve upgraded to Win10 over the weekend — after figuring out how to get my Wacom pad to work in some sort of reasonable manner (the Wacom drivers don’t really like the touchscreen drivers that don’t really like […]

Why It’s So Hard To Find Intruders After A Network Penetration

This guest blog post is by Jason Matlof, Executive Vice President, LightCyber. We thank LightCyber for being a sponsor. Your Current Defenses Aren’t Good Enough Traditional security technologies are no longer able to prevent access to a target network. Premera, Anthem, Target, and Home Depot are high-profile examples of successful, determined attackers. Post-incident surveys from […]