Why It’s So Hard To Find Intruders After A Network Penetration

This guest blog post is by Jason Matlof, Executive Vice President, LightCyber. We thank LightCyber for being a sponsor. Your Current Defenses Aren’t Good Enough Traditional security technologies are no longer able to prevent access to a target network. Premera, Anthem, Target, and Home Depot are high-profile examples of successful, determined attackers. Post-incident surveys from […]

BGPSEC: Leaks and Leaks


This is the final post in my series on BGPSEC — I will probably follow this up, at some point, with a couple of posts on some alternatives to BGPSEC, and the larger issue of the evolution of BGP. Basic Operation Protections Offered Replays, Timers, and Performance Signatures and Performance In this final post, I […]

Using IPv6 to Defeat Multi-tenancy Separation

I’ve always advised my clients to  carefully plan the implementation of IPv6. The protocol opens new attack vectors on which ne’er-do-wells can assault your infrastructure. There are countless examples I’ve seen such as service providers locking down access to routers using IPv4 transport but leaving IPv6 transport completely open. About a year ago, I stumbled […]

BGPSEC: Replays, Timers, and Performance


Let’s return to our simple four AS network to look at a number of issues with BGPSEC — the bits you won’t often hear discussed in just about any forum. Assume, for a moment, that AS65000 advertises some route, say, to AS65001, and not to AS65002. For whatever reason, a few days pater, the […]