Yet Another Blog About Segment Routing, Part3: SR-TE


In the last blog we looked at PCE for centralized path-computation and PCEP as a communication protocol between PCE and PCC.We also looked at brief demo of PCE sending ERO’s (IP or SR Node labels) to the PCC(Head end). In this Blog post we will particularly try to focus at Traffic Engineering (SR-TE) aspects of […]

PCE and PCEP Overview


In the last blog, I briefly mentioned about PCE and how BGP-LS can be used as one of the ways to collect the topology information. In this blog we will explore more about PCE, the problems it tries to solve and different elements of PCE. But before we go any deeper, I do want to […]

Yet Another new BGP NLRI: BGP-LS

Fig.2 BGP-LS

Yes, that’s right, we have another new BGP NLRI: BGP-LS. In this post we will be looking at BGP with Link State (LS) extension which is an integral part of the Carrier SDN strategy. We will look at why we need BGP-LS, its internals and its applications. What I won’t cover is things like do we need SDN?, […]