Rebuilding Reader

For the time being, we are discontinuing We didn’t advertise it heavily in the past. Reader saw some traffic, but not a lot. And…we were never entirely happy with the result we got out of it. Our plan is to reboot Reader at some point in the future with new software. We still think it’s a good idea, but we want to get a more polished look and feel out of it first.

How To Fix Your Weekly Show Feed In iTunes

TL;DR: Delete and resubscribe to the Weekly Show feed, as the current RSS feed is correct on iTunes now. You will only see the Weekly Show podcasts again, as in the past. Sorry about the issue; it was an accident. Read on for the gory details if you care to…

Listen to Packet Pushers? Take Our 2015 Audience Survey!


Packet Pushers wants to know about you. Now, we don’t want to know about you specifically, because that would be creepy. We’re big believers in your¬†privacy for the same reasons we’re believers in our own. But we do want to know about our audience as a whole. Data about our audience helps us figure out […]

Guests Needed for Design + Build 2015 Podcasts

Updated 12-January-2015 to include survey form. I’m working on a series of “design and build” podcasts in 2015 for Packet Pushers. The idea is to take a network protocol, project, business challenge, reference architecture, etc. and talk through the why and how. Are you willing to be a guest to share your real-world experience? I’d […]