QoS Done Right


Sonus VellOS controls the network based on dynamic unified communications requirements. Network resources are automatically allocated to satisfy UC demands, turning QoS into Quality of Experience.

VoIP Call Playback & Other Wireshark Voice Tools


I am not a Voice Engineer. Like many, though, I’ve found it inevitable that pure packet herding will intersect with voice at some point. A couple of weeks ago, we upgraded our existing office PBX. The upgraded system has IP telephony capability, and this was important as we are expanding our services on the main […]

Video Is Not The New Voice


I spent some time last week with a networking vendor who demonstrated to us their voice system. Only it wasn’t about phones. Or dial plans. Or even voicemail. The demo was more like…”Yeah, yeah. Voice, phones, voicemail, SRST. Blah, blah, blah. That’s boring. It’s all about *collaboration* now.” The majority of the demo was about […]