SD-WAN Vendor Roundup

The SD-WAN vendor scrum grows; an increasing number of companies are contending for a place in your WAN traffic patterns. Here’s a list of the companies (some of whom are Packet Pushers sponsors) I’ve heard present about their SD-WAN products, sorted alphabetically.

Policy-based Tunnel Selection (PBTS) on Cisco IOS-XR


Recently, I had to look after PBTS on Cisco ASR9K platform and faced some issues, here are some results about my tests. PBTS has the same goal as CBTS on Cisco IOS (Class-Based Tunnel selection) but for Cisco IOS-XR. It provides a tool to direct traffic into specific RSVP-TE tunnels (in the future Segment-Routing tunnels) […]

FAT or Entropy Label?

FAT Label

In this article we are going to see two features that improve the load-balancing in the MLPS Core. Why? In the networking when dealing with redundancy of links or paths we are facing the polarization issue. This problem happens when one of the link is congested. Let’s take the example of LAGs, if the hashing […]