CCIE sponsorship proposal example

CCIE Route-Switch sample budget

Departing the lovely, sterile, electronic testing center after passing the final CCNP Route/Switch exam, and I’m on the way to the local pub to celebrate. You know what I’m already thinking about: gotta ride that wave, right? Stoke the flames, feet off the pedals down the hill, ride the momentum up the next, and all […]

Confessions of technical interviewer

A technical interviewer, or technically an interviewer. I was interviewed quite a few times since I set of to join the networking crowd, 12 years ago. I also had opportunity to sit on the opposite side, and interviewed people on multiple occasions. Some of my fondest memories of working for my current employer are connected […]

How the CCIE changed my life

Everything is so gloomy these days isn’t it? SDN is going to put us out of a job so you have to learn Python or go make burgers (been there done that). The CCIE is now irrelevant so why would anyone pursue it? While there are some good arguments for its demise there are also […]

Halloween Career Advice from the Damned

Halloween Careers Advice

“Now, as you look through this document you’ll see that I’ve underlined all the major decisions I ever made to make them stand out. They’re all indexed and cross-referenced. See? All I can suggest is that if you take decisions that are exactly opposite to the sort of decisions that I’ve taken, then maybe you […]