This Week’s Irritating Tech News

A couple of ridiculous tech stories caught my eye this week, so I thought I’d offer some perspective and commentary. Two … [Read more...]

Designing A Multi-Region, Multi-Hub Phase 3 DMVPN With BGP


I recently completed a design and lab scenario that uses Cisco DMVPN as a backup to a primary MPLS WAN (I’m still planning … [Read more...]

Linux Network Interface Configuration With udev

I've recently been running down (or is it through) the Linux, systemd, networkd, udevd rabbit hole at full pelt and thought … [Read more...]

Silver Peak Launches EdgeConnect SD-WAN Product

Branch Offices

Silver Peak gets into the SD-WAN market with its recently announced Unity EdgeConnect, a new product line that aims to make … [Read more...]

Arista Gets An SDN Strategy With CloudVision


In 2014, Arista was telling me that SDN was "Still Don't kNow" and "Still Does Nothing". In June 2015, Arista releases its … [Read more...]

Startup Radar: Menlo Security Taps Containers To Stop Malware


Menlo Security takes a clever swipe at the vexing problem of endpoint protection. The startup aims to neutralize malware that … [Read more...]

HTIRW: That Big Number Database in the Sky

As we come close to ending this rather long running series on how the Internet really works (because I'm certain you're about … [Read more...]

Campus LAN Design – A Different Approach


Throughout my career I have implemented a pretty large number of standard Cisco campus LAN designs. You know the model; a … [Read more...]

Leveraging SD-WAN for Skype for Business Enterprise Voice


This guest blog post is by Daniel Teichman, Senior Manager, Product Marketing; and Brad Chapin, Director, Strategic … [Read more...]

Top Tech CEOs Make 190 Times As Much As You


The New York Times and Equilar recently published a study of the 200 highest-paid CEOs of publicly traded companies. … [Read more...]

Network Documentation Series: Logical Diagram

In this article, I will do a walk-through of a logical network diagram. As I also said in the Physical Diagram article: I … [Read more...]

Managed Power Supplies And How To Automate Your Branch Network


One of the worst parts of the day has to be calling AT&T or Comcast to request a dispatch to a branch office or to … [Read more...]

Re-New. Again

Re-New. Again. Greetings. Welcome to my first blog post. I have to say, I feel a little out of my class in the esteemed … [Read more...]

Why It’s So Hard To Find Intruders After A Network Penetration

This guest blog post is by Jason Matlof, Executive Vice President, LightCyber. We thank LightCyber for being a … [Read more...]

Pushing For The Next Level

Taking Packet Pushers to the next level

Hey, I’m a Packet Pusher! I’m starting today as employee number 1. Greg and Ethan have built an avid community of listeners, … [Read more...]