Why Internet Standards are Still Important

Vidya Narayana, in a piece at Gigaom, said recently: So, why did I actually stop contributing to standards definitions? The … [Read more...]

HTIRW: Overview


Okay, so we all know some little slice or another of the Internet. But how do all these slices really fit together? How does … [Read more...]

Twitter War !


Through a court-mandated decision, access to Twitter has officially been blocked across all of Turkey. Weather or not this … [Read more...]

Windows ISATAP Client, Part 1

Last month I had the opportunity to work with a company to perform an IPv6 pilot.  There are a lot of elements to light up … [Read more...]

OUTAGES: They Suck, But Let’s Share the After-Action Reports

“It’s impossible to solve significant problems using the same level of knowledge that created them!” --Albert … [Read more...]

The Packet Pushers At Dell’s Interop Booth Tuesday & Wednesday @ 3:45pm


The Dell networking team has asked the Packet Pushers to co-host a couple of Interop sessions at their booth. Greg Ferro and … [Read more...]

When Good NICs Do Bad Things: A Blast of IPv6 Multicast Listener Discovery Queries

This is the write-up of a recent event we experienced on our network.  This will be combination of a  journal of symptoms, … [Read more...]

Cisco Internal VLAN Usage


About a month ago I worked on an old CatOS switch. Working on this switch reminded me about some of the differences between … [Read more...]

Ordered FIB


In a past post, we’ve discussed microloops in link state protocols. If we examine a small ring topology (if you come to my … [Read more...]

Restoring Trust in the Internet – Part 2

In my last post I talked about the broken trust in the Internet. Now let's talk about steps we need to take to restore that … [Read more...]

Review: Hadoop Operations

Hadoop Operations Eric Sammer Hadoop is one of those applications all data centers seem to need to support – and there is a … [Read more...]

Secret CEF Attributes Part 6, The BGP Connection

In the first five parts of this series we covered all the steps necessary to distribute QoS and monitoring to a large … [Read more...]

TCP/IP over VXLAN Bandwidth Overheads

A recent 'conversation' around VXLAN encapsulation and MTU with Matt Oswalt got me thinking about this subject recently. My … [Read more...]

Using Next Generation MVPN to optimize your MPLS core – Part 1


Like many network engineers I have had difficulties with multicast, the logic is all messed up right!? The only … [Read more...]

Secret CEF Attributes, Part 5

So far we've explored some very cool features of CEF and the attributes we can push into the FIB to identify certain kinds of … [Read more...]