Using Big Tools for Small Problems


BGP in the data center? And MPLS? Are you insane? Well, maybe, yes. But then again, I've been known to do a lot of crazy … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Troubleshooting Junkie


“Hey Fish, how good are you at BFD? None of my BFD neighbors will come up.” Two simple sentences and I am “hooked.”  I love … [Read more...]

Raspberry Pi as a Deliciously Simple VPN Endpoint

Being the networking nerd I am, I have a pretty big network at home.  And as the denizens of the Packet Pushers IRC … [Read more...]

Ansible Rapid Development Environment using Vagrant

Vagrant VM as Ansible target

First off, this post isn't a straight-up networking post; although it does contain networking content (enabling Vagrant VMs … [Read more...]

ERSPAN – My New Favorite Packet Capturing Trick

Wireshark ERSPAN Capture

When I first looked at the documentation for ERSPAN I could imagine some uses for it. In some cases it could replace RSPAN, … [Read more...]

F5 Configuration Backups 3.0


In a previous article I introduced a project for the configuration backups of F5 devices. It offered an automated, … [Read more...]

HTIRW: DNS Reverse Lookups and Whois


In our last episode, we discussed how DNS is paid for in the real world — who builds, maintains, and manages all those … [Read more...]

Visibility, Trustship,Sub optimality or whatever you want to call it.

To be honest I really tried hard to find a name for this article. Maybe it is not convenient and if you have better idea … [Read more...]

The Disconnect. Good Enough Is Good Enough.


A Meeting room. Discussing the possible options for product and vendor strategy. Company urgently needs to avoid capital … [Read more...]

Video over Internet


Couple days ago I made an interesting talk about Video Traffic over Internet. Sales engineer goes to company and he claims … [Read more...]

Planning a Project Before Your Execution

This year I have worked on a number of projects and most of them had no planning while others had very little. The planning … [Read more...]

The 24 Rules I Work By – Infographic

Working Effectively v1

I came across this infographic from Anna Vital of Funders and Founders and loved it. As relevant as some of it is, there is … [Read more...]

Understand Etherchannel Load Balancing.

Let’s try to define what EtherChannel is and why it exists nowadays as a powerful feature. In the days of spanning-tree … [Read more...]

Conferences: Go

It is slightly paradoxical that since I left networking for the student life I've actually been reading more about networking … [Read more...]

Pervasive Monitoring

In May, the IETF published RFC7258, Pervasive Monitoring Is an Attack. No matter where you stand in regards to the IETF … [Read more...]