Halloween Career Advice from the Damned

Halloween Careers Advice

“Now, as you look through this document you’ll see that I’ve underlined all the major decisions I ever made to make them … [Read more...]

Junos – Wildcard Ranges, Interface Ranges and Configuration Groups

Until recently I have worked almost exclusively on Cisco ASA and IOS platforms. Within the last six months I've added … [Read more...]

HTIRW: Provider Peering and Revenue Streams (Part 1)


In the last post in this series, I described several types of providers -- and even how those descriptions are no longer … [Read more...]

Stretching the friendship

It has been nine months now since I hung up the console cable and embarked on my PhD.  I seem to be unusual in the … [Read more...]

Show 209 – HP Networks and Network Management – Sponsored


Talking about Network Management get mixed reactions in the network industry with a rich history of products that didn't … [Read more...]

Automating the Cabbage Patch Network Today (2014)


"Sometimes my head is a bit of an idiot" is something my daughter might say and that happens to me too, if that time is today … [Read more...]

Thinking Through Title II Regulation

Over at CircleID, Geoff Huston has a long'ish article on Title II regulation of the Internet, and the ideals of "net … [Read more...]

EVPN: Intro to next gen L2VPN

Fig 1

Introduction: With the ascent of DCI, a new set of requirements emerged which are not fully addressed by current L2VPN … [Read more...]

Traceroute – A Small Tool for Big Problems


Basics is must for Network Engineer.Traceroute is an imp and handy tool while  troubleshooting any network issue.How … [Read more...]

Now that We’ve Buried the Seven Layer Model…


"But the seven layer model is still useful for teaching networking..." So ran the most common reaction to my post last week … [Read more...]

Traveling Light – 15 Things in an Engineer’s Bag (including the bag)

An important historical monument taken traveling in the back of a cab

My day job involves traveling around northern Europe and occasionally further afield. I often get little notice of where I'm … [Read more...]

What The Heck Is SPDY?

HTTP/1.0 Non-Persistent Connections

A10's presentation at NFD8 seemed to generate a bit of interest (dare I say excitement) and many a question around the SPDY … [Read more...]

The Seven Layer Model is Dead

Whether we have the funeral in New Orleans style (with a lot of brass and, well, other stuff), or in the more somber style … [Read more...]

IPv6 Networking Detection Case #141 – Part 2: The Solution


Part 2: The Solution Ready for part 2? Have you read part 1 w/ the facts and clues?  If not, go read that now before you … [Read more...]

IPv6 Networking Detection Case #141 – Part 1: The Facts and Clues


Part #1 - I give you the facts and the clues. Part #2 - I give you what the problem ended up being. Ready to play? This is … [Read more...]