Python and Jinja2 Tutorial

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CCDE and CCAr Certificates – FAQ

CCDE is the de facto expert level, vendor neutral, and infrastructure network design certification in the industry.   I have … [Read more...]

IP FRR and Micro-loops Part 2

IP FRR Fig.20

This is a continuation from Part 1 Remote LFA At this point we already know that simple LFA doesn't always provide full … [Read more...]

IP FRR and Micro-loops Part 1

IP FRR Fig.24

Introduction In this post we will take a look at IP FRR and Micro-loops. If the reader already doesn't have some kind of … [Read more...]

NAT, Security, and Repeating Myself

In a former post I pointed out that we need to think of obscurity as a tool in network security — that we shouldn't try to … [Read more...]

HTIRW: The IETF Draft Process

In our deeper investigations of the IETF as a "sample standards body" in this (apparently forever running) series on how the … [Read more...]

Use Rate-Limiting to Alleviate Link Saturation

Rate-Limit (2)

At some point in time you may come across a scenario in which you notice a WAN link at a branch site is being saturated. You … [Read more...]

SDN: What Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Need to Know in 2015

Guest blogger Alex Hoff is the VP of Product Management at Auvik Networks, a cloud-based SaaS that makes it dramatically … [Read more...]

MPLS TE Design -Part 3


This is a continuation from Part 2 Fast Reroute Why Fast Reroute? Many NSP’s like ACME have traffic with tight SLAs. For … [Read more...]

MPLS TE Design -Part 2


This is a continuation from Part 1 Case for LDPoRSVP As we mentioned at the very beginning that ACME provides L3VPN and … [Read more...]

MPLS TE Design -Part 1


In this post we will be exploring different aspects of Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) from a design perspective using … [Read more...]

Confessions of technical interviewer

A technical interviewer, or technically an interviewer. I was interviewed quite a few times since I set of to join the … [Read more...]

Destination Based NAT

Dest Based NAT 1

Here is the scenario: There is a public server on the internet that you have requested access to. The "admins" that control … [Read more...]

Wi-Fi: The jungle of the Unlisenced

This is a follow-up on the recently published Packet Pushers Show 221 – Marriott, Wifi, + the FCC with Glenn Fleishman & … [Read more...]

Transit vs peering: what makes sense when?


Iljitsch van Beijnum, Network Engineer and author, is our guest blogger today with a post about peering sponsored by Noction … [Read more...]