The Night Awaits

and after it a new dawn, but as any wise person will tell you, not before the last light of the sun casts long shadows across … [Read more...]

NFV and OPNFV: Getting Down to Business at ONS 2015


This post is shared by the Open Networking Summit. The Packet Pushers thank the ONS for being a sponsor. SDN principles … [Read more...]

Ravello – a Networking & Security Smart Lab on AWS & Google Cloud

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This guest blog post is by Abhinav Gupta, Product & Solutions Marketing Director at Ravello. We thank Ravello for being a … [Read more...]


One of the various problems we face in the data networking world is the absolute plethora of tunneling technologies we have … [Read more...]



In this post we will look at something which is relatively new but not as cool as my previous post on Segment Routing. We … [Read more...]

Visual aids for networkers


Because a picture is worth 1,024 words. Much of what we study are abstract concepts invisible to the human eye. Sure, we … [Read more...]

Free Networking Books

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It's hard to believe in our 'you are the product' monetized world but there are some really good, high quality, free … [Read more...]

Yet another blog about Segment Routing-Part 1

Segment Routing Fig.9

In this blog post we will be taking a deeper look at Node/Prefix SID and SR/LDP Interworking. If you work or have an interest … [Read more...]

WAN Virtualization – Is it something that you should consider?

In this article I will try to explain the basics of WAN Virtualization technology (sometimes referred as SD - WAN too), and … [Read more...]

The VPLS & MPLS IP VPN Buyers Field Guide


In this sponsored article, Robert Sturt of The Network Union, BT Authorised Business Partner, discusses some of the latest … [Read more...]

CCIE RS – it’s the payload, not the header

There is some actual content here, but first - a few drips of sap. The title is a nerdy rendering of the adage 'its the … [Read more...]

Improving Mean Time To Innocence With ThousandEyes


One of the fundamentally difficult things in modern networks is the fact that organizations don’t own significant portions of … [Read more...]

HTIRW: Reality at the Mic (3)

Let's take one look back over the IETF before we move on to the next piece of the infrastructure of the 'net. Why does it … [Read more...]

Upcoming Event: Packet Pushers at ONUG Talking Software Defined WAN


Time for something different! We are recording a live PacketPushers show in New York during the ONUG conference on Wednesday … [Read more...]

CCNP RS – a road traveled

A former colleague who started following the blog asked about the study program used for the CCNP R/S. By the time an email … [Read more...]