MPLS TE Design -Part 3


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MPLS TE Design -Part 2


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MPLS TE Design -Part 1


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Confessions of technical interviewer

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Destination Based NAT

Dest Based NAT 1

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Wi-Fi: The jungle of the Unlisenced

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Transit vs peering: what makes sense when?


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Routers vs Switches, When to position which?

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BGPSEC: Leaks and Leaks


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Guests Needed for Design + Build 2015 Podcasts

Updated 12-January-2015 to include survey form. I'm working on a series of "design and build" podcasts in 2015 for Packet … [Read more...]

Raspberry Pi RSPAN Capture Box

For some time I have had issues while doing captures such as finding the elusive “spare laptop” you can use, multiple trips … [Read more...]

HTIRW: IETF Organizational Structure


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Parsing Junos XML with Python


I'll admit it - I've drunk the "Network Engineers should learn programming" Kool-Aid. In so doing, I'm gearing up for Kirk … [Read more...]

A Look Ahead to Packet Pushers Content in 2015

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BGPSEC: Signatures and Performance

BGPSEC is a set of BGP extensions being developed by the SIDR working group of the IETF to improve the security of the … [Read more...]