CCNP RS – a road traveled

A former colleague who started following the blog asked about the study program used for the CCNP R/S. By the time an email … [Read more...]

RFCs You Should Know: 5218


Quite often RFCs in the "earlier days" discussed not only process but also design. Looking back now, considering the … [Read more...]

Smarter Hosts Would Make A Simpler Network

Diagram 1

(or Magical Things I Would Do if Hosts Weren't Stupid) Introduction I'm a firm believer that many of the apparent problems … [Read more...]

Getting Ansible to talk to your Cisco devices

Ansible raw module

As a listener to the podcast you've probably heard about Ansible once or twice already. In short Ansible is a simple IT … [Read more...]

HTIRW: Reality at the Mic (2)

Last time we talked about a few things that go wrong in the IETF — this time we'll talk about a few more things that can go … [Read more...]

Troubleshooting Networks: Tips from a Network Detective


For over 30 years I've been in the playing in the "world of IT" and wow has that world changed a great deal in those years. … [Read more...]

CCIE RS study planning, books, notes

Books, workbooks, videos, software, rack rental tokens, laptop hardware and software have all been purchased; it's time to … [Read more...]

ISIS Link-Group

ISIS Link-Group

Introduction On the Core or Edge network, we need more and more bandwidth. For a large service provider, in some parts of … [Read more...]

CCIE sponsorship proposal example

CCIE Route-Switch sample budget

Departing the lovely, sterile, electronic testing center after passing the final CCNP Route/Switch exam, and I'm on the way … [Read more...]

OpenStack Neutron – The Dirty Network Detail

OpenStack Neutron Networking

Update: I'm slowly getting there, third and more accurate diagram attached below which now includes where security policies, … [Read more...]

Cisco NAT Cheat Sheet


I've always had a difficult time when attempting to remember how to implement the different types of NAT available on ASA and … [Read more...]

Listen to Packet Pushers? Take Our 2015 Audience Survey!


Packet Pushers wants to know about you. Now, we don't want to know about you specifically, because that would be creepy. … [Read more...]

BGP RR Design – Part 2

BGP RR Fig.10

This is a continuation from Part 1 9. ACME VPN RR's Design: So the current total number of PE's dedicated for VPN … [Read more...]

BGP RR Design – Part 1

BGP RR Fig.12

1. Introduction In this post we will be looking at large scale RR design by using a fictional ISP ACME  as a reference. As … [Read more...]

HTIRW: Reality at the Mic (1)

We've talked a little about the structure of the IETF, and the process a draft follows when moving from submission to draft … [Read more...]