Using IPv6 to Defeat Multi-tenancy Separation

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IPv6 Networking Detection Case #141 – Part 2: The Solution


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IPv6 Networking Detection Case #141 – Part 1: The Facts and Clues


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Windows ISATAP Client, Part 3


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Windows ISATAP Client, Part 2


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IPv6 at Home – Prefix Delegation

IPv6 Summit Swag

As many of you may know, I used to move packets around for a living.  I'm not doing that any more, but I'm still … [Read more...]

Windows ISATAP Client, Part 1

Last month I had the opportunity to work with a company to perform an IPv6 pilot.  There are a lot of elements to light up … [Read more...]

When Good NICs Do Bad Things: A Blast of IPv6 Multicast Listener Discovery Queries

This is the write-up of a recent event we experienced on our network.  This will be combination of a  journal of symptoms, … [Read more...]

On Link in IPv6

As an avid reader of RFCs and RFC drafts, I'm always running across little bits of knowledge I either already knew and forgot … [Read more...]

The Cost of IPv6 on Amazon Web Services

AWS is a great platform for businesses that have the technical savvy to administer servers and applications but do not want … [Read more...]

Why Should I Consider IPv6 – Part 2

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Why Should I Consider IPv6?

Network Overlap

A lot of people are talking about IPv6, but I'm using IPv4 and quite content. I have plenty of public addresses. As long as … [Read more...]

In the Lab: Review a few IPv6 Routing Protocols and Encapsulating v6 in v4


I have pseudo-learned and forgotten some IPv6 mechanics over the past couple of years. I have re-visited this cycle recently, … [Read more...]

Unexpected OSPFv3 Virtual-Link Behavior


I came across an interesting question in the Cisco Learning Network forums a couple of weeks ago about OSPFv3 virtual-link … [Read more...]

(Some) Vendors Dig IPv6

Now that World IPv6 Launch is behind us, let's look into how a sampling of network hardware vendors support IPv6 on their web … [Read more...]