HTIRW: Overview


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Windows ISATAP Client, Part 1

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Cisco Internal VLAN Usage


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Ordered FIB


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Secret CEF Attributes Part 6, The BGP Connection

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Using Next Generation MVPN to optimize your MPLS core – Part 1


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Secret CEF Attributes, Part 5

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Secret CEF Attributes, Part 4

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Out with the old, in with the new


A few weeks ago I was asked to help a client turn up and move everything over to a new network. I have done this many times … [Read more...]

CEF Secret Attributes, Part 3

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FAT or Entropy Label?

FAT Label

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BGP Path Hunting/Exploration


 Only one change or link flap can cause one hour or more traffic drop.  It is weird, right? But this is true. In this … [Read more...]

CEF Secret Attributes, Part 2

In Part 1 we saw there were three markings that can be potentially applied to a prefix in CEF. They are the Precedence, … [Read more...]


2014-01-13 fig01

Don’t look now, but you have microloops. How do I know? Because virtually every network with rings larger than three hops, … [Read more...]

Secret CEF Attributes, Part 1

Welcome to the first in a series of articles that will explore some of the interesting properties we can insert into CEF, … [Read more...]