Automating the Cabbage Patch Network Today (2014)


"Sometimes my head is a bit of an idiot" is something my daughter might say and that happens to me too, if that time is today … [Read more...]

What is Service Chaining?


This post is in response to a comment on one of my previous posts on using MPLS in the Data Center. Service chaining has … [Read more...]

Has SDN Changed Networking?

Software Defined Everything, NFV, OpenFlow, SDDC and Orchestrators are buzz words of DC networking. An interesting point … [Read more...]

The Secret Sauce for Network Services


Tunneling is the Duct Tape of Networking..It is interesting to realize that a big chunk of network features in Data Center, … [Read more...]

SDN 2014 – Make Our Garden Grow – Part 1

Let dreamers dream what worlds they please Those Edens can't be found The sweetest flowers The fairest trees Are grown in … [Read more...]

Cisco ACI – Speculation of its Inner Workings


Last week I was at a Cisco users group meeting where some sales engineers were giving a presentation on the new Application … [Read more...]

IP/FRR and Centralized Control Planes

2014-01-07 fig01

I’ve been spending some time in the last few months talking through various fast reroute systems – we’ve looked at one … [Read more...]

The Impact of Software Defined X on a Networking organization

Introduction We’re in one of the most exciting times in data networking.  While I’m sure we’re all sick of vendors co-opting … [Read more...]

Introduction to Segment Routing


When I read the latest posts about Fast ReRoute from Russ White and as I had an introduction from a coworker contributing to … [Read more...]

A review of the recent Coursera SDN MOOC


Back in the springtime of this year, I saw that Coursera was going to be offering a free six-week SDN MOOC taught by Dr. Nick … [Read more...]

Speaker for the Dead – Spanning Tree Protocol


A friend of mine* text me early last week asking if I wanted to go to the cinema and watch the film After Earth. I … [Read more...]

Centec V330: My Kind of OpenFlow Switch


This is my third and probably last installment of an ongoing story about our quest for OpenFlow 1.0 capable switches with a … [Read more...]

Thinking About SDN Packet Processing: You’re the One Talking to a Fish

SDN-External Edge Gateway

Barbie films (yes, I really am talking about Barbie in a network blog post) are a big hit with my kids, and surprisingly with … [Read more...]

The Attributes of a Great CLI


So, there I was, innocently browsing the OpenDaylight wiki after listening to Show 148 – Talking With OpenDaylight … [Read more...]

You’ve Changed – SDN’s Casualties


I've a few things to thank Ivan for this last week. First off, this post led me to some great career-related articles and … [Read more...]