MPLS TE Design -Part 3


This is a continuation from Part 2 Fast Reroute Why Fast Reroute? Many NSP’s like ACME have traffic with tight SLAs. For … [Read more...]

MPLS TE Design -Part 2


This is a continuation from Part 1 Case for LDPoRSVP As we mentioned at the very beginning that ACME provides L3VPN and … [Read more...]

MPLS TE Design -Part 1


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Policy-based Tunnel Selection (PBTS) on Cisco IOS-XR


Recently, I had to look after PBTS on Cisco ASR9K platform and faced some issues, here are some results about my tests. PBTS … [Read more...]

HTIRW: Standards Bodies

(yes, I know, it's been a while... But it's time to get back to this series) Up to this point in this series, we've been … [Read more...]

NG mVPN-Control Plane Overview


In this post we will be exploring the shortcomings of MVPN (Draft Rosen/RFC 6037), with a focus on how NG-MVPN technologies … [Read more...]

Network Design Concepts Part-3

In the first article of the series, reliability and resiliency are covered. We should know that whatever device, link type or … [Read more...]

HTIRW: Provider Peering and Revenue Streams (Part 2)

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HTIRW: Provider Peering and Revenue Streams (Part 1)


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Thinking Through Title II Regulation

Over at CircleID, Geoff Huston has a long'ish article on Title II regulation of the Internet, and the ideals of "net … [Read more...]

EVPN: Intro to next gen L2VPN

Fig 1

Introduction: With the ascent of DCI, a new set of requirements emerged which are not fully addressed by current L2VPN … [Read more...]

Video over Internet


Couple days ago I made an interesting talk about Video Traffic over Internet. Sales engineer goes to company and he claims … [Read more...]

HTIRW: The Business Side of DNS (2)

</a>continued from part 1 The top level server is either paid for by the domain owner (if they are managing the TLD … [Read more...]

HTIRW: The Business Side of DNS (1)


So your host queries a DNS server to map the name to a location (an IP address), which sets off a chain of queries across a … [Read more...]

Secret CEF Attributes Part 6, The BGP Connection

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