Startup Radar: Verilume Builds Private Clouds From Spare Capacity

Verilume Cloud Service (Source: Verilume)

Startup Verilume wants to put the spare capacity in your data center to work. The company’s software aggregates idle compute … [Read more...]

Microsoft Acquisition Rumors & Drones Vs. People


Microsoft has a lot of cash laying around—like, $95 billion. Apparently all that money is burning holes in the pockets of … [Read more...]

Startup Radar: Menlo Security Taps Containers To Stop Malware


Menlo Security takes a clever swipe at the vexing problem of endpoint protection. The startup aims to neutralize malware that … [Read more...]

Ravello – a Networking & Security Smart Lab on AWS & Google Cloud

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This guest blog post is by Abhinav Gupta, Product & Solutions Marketing Director at Ravello. We thank Ravello for being a … [Read more...]


One of the various problems we face in the data networking world is the absolute plethora of tunneling technologies we have … [Read more...]

Using IPv6 to Defeat Multi-tenancy Separation

I’ve always advised my clients to  carefully plan the implementation of IPv6. The protocol opens new attack vectors on which … [Read more...]

Automating the Cabbage Patch Network Today (2014)


"Sometimes my head is a bit of an idiot" is something my daughter might say and that happens to me too, if that time is today … [Read more...]

Ansible Rapid Development Environment using Vagrant

Vagrant VM as Ansible target

First off, this post isn't a straight-up networking post; although it does contain networking content (enabling Vagrant VMs … [Read more...]

F5 Configuration Backups 3.0


In a previous article I introduced a project for the configuration backups of F5 devices. It offered an automated, … [Read more...]

Video over Internet


Couple days ago I made an interesting talk about Video Traffic over Internet. Sales engineer goes to company and he claims … [Read more...]

Anycast HSRP and Design Considerations


HSRP is the first hop redundancy Cisco property protocol which allows a transparent failover of the first-hop gateway. Many … [Read more...]

Has SDN Changed Networking?

Software Defined Everything, NFV, OpenFlow, SDDC and Orchestrators are buzz words of DC networking. An interesting point … [Read more...]

The Secret Sauce for Network Services


Tunneling is the Duct Tape of Networking..It is interesting to realize that a big chunk of network features in Data Center, … [Read more...]

SDN 2014 – Make Our Garden Grow – Part 1

Let dreamers dream what worlds they please Those Edens can't be found The sweetest flowers The fairest trees Are grown in … [Read more...]

Cisco ACI – Speculation of its Inner Workings


Last week I was at a Cisco users group meeting where some sales engineers were giving a presentation on the new Application … [Read more...]