Has SDN Changed Networking?

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The Secret Sauce for Network Services


Tunneling is the Duct Tape of Networking..It is interesting to realize that a big chunk of network features in Data Center, … [Read more...]

SDN 2014 – Make Our Garden Grow – Part 1

Let dreamers dream what worlds they please Those Edens can't be found The sweetest flowers The fairest trees Are grown in … [Read more...]

Cisco ACI – Speculation of its Inner Workings


Last week I was at a Cisco users group meeting where some sales engineers were giving a presentation on the new Application … [Read more...]

Network Topologies


Resiliency of the networks is almost the most important design criterion which needs to be considered. Packets need to be … [Read more...]

F5 Networks iRule Event Order – HTTPS/SSL – Client & Server Side


As promised, here's the event order for  HTTPS. I’d be grateful to any F5′ers out there that can pick holes in this, if any. … [Read more...]

F5 Networks iRule Event Order – HTTP


I hit an issue recently where I thought I knew what was what but found myself doubting my knowledge. To that end, here's a … [Read more...]

Don’t Need No Stinking Underlays

Why's everyone complaining about overlays; it's the underlays that are the problem. I've been in this awful game for … [Read more...]

The Attributes of a Great CLI


So, there I was, innocently browsing the OpenDaylight wiki after listening to Show 148 – Talking With OpenDaylight … [Read more...]

You’ve Changed – SDN’s Casualties


I've a few things to thank Ivan for this last week. First off, this post led me to some great career-related articles and … [Read more...]

VMware VCDX Lab: The Hardware

I have to admit I'm a big VMware fanboy. Wanting to master the art of virtualization, I've set out to build out a personal … [Read more...]

NetCitadel and Software Defined Security

OneControl uses a common policy definition language to define security policies

It's been an exciting couple of weeks in the security realm, with a number of innovative startups appearing. That's … [Read more...]

The Cost of IPv6 on Amazon Web Services

AWS is a great platform for businesses that have the technical savvy to administer servers and applications but do not want … [Read more...]

OpenStack Quantum Network Implementation in Linux

Quantum logical topology

So there I was, a shiny new OpenStack Folsom install (via DevStack) on a single server, and everything seems to be working -- … [Read more...]

Brocade Virtual Symposium – Soft Core and Hard Edges (Sponsored)

The fourth discussion in the Tech Field Day/Packet Pushers Virtual Symposium with Brocade, this video focuses on Ivan … [Read more...]