Silver Peak Launches EdgeConnect SD-WAN Product

Branch Offices

Silver Peak gets into the SD-WAN market with its recently announced Unity EdgeConnect, a new product line that aims to make … [Read more...]

Policy-based Tunnel Selection (PBTS) on Cisco IOS-XR


Recently, I had to look after PBTS on Cisco ASR9K platform and faced some issues, here are some results about my tests. PBTS … [Read more...]

FAT or Entropy Label?

FAT Label

In this article we are going to see two features that improve the load-balancing in the MLPS Core. Why? In the networking … [Read more...]

Fast Reroute Mechanisms


Network reliability is an important measure for deployability of sensitive applications. When a link, node or SRLG failure … [Read more...]

Riverbed Steelhead and Juniper WX Part II – When a tunnel is not a tunnel

TCP Headers

In my previous post "Getting Nerdy about WAN optimisation", I discussed some of the basics of WAN optimisation and how the … [Read more...]

Riverbed Steelhead vs. Juniper WX Part I – Getting Nerdy about WAN Optimisation

Off-Path vs. In-Path Interception

After numerous false starts, begging, cajoling and a minor tantrum, I finally got myself on a Riverbed Steelhead training … [Read more...]

Infineta and Parallelization, Part 1


1. Opinions are like... In the past 5 years I've participated in three proper evaluations of WAN acceleration products. … [Read more...]

Buy One Steelhead, Get One Free: Creative Use Of VRFs With Inline Deployment

Riverbed Setup with second vrf PASSTHRU

Below is a very generic WAN diagram.  It consists of L3 MPLS links in blue and point-to-point links in red.  Not all these … [Read more...]