Traveling Light – 15 Things in an Engineer’s Bag (including the bag)

An important historical monument taken traveling in the back of a cab

My day job involves traveling around northern Europe and occasionally further afield. I often get little notice of where I'm … [Read more...]

Why logging is so important? VSS example.

Example: Why switch in VSS mode crashed? Few weeks ago there was a great podcast about logging (show 192). Recently I came … [Read more...]

The Disconnect. Good Enough Is Good Enough.


A Meeting room. Discussing the possible options for product and vendor strategy. Company urgently needs to avoid capital … [Read more...]

Planning a Project Before Your Execution

This year I have worked on a number of projects and most of them had no planning while others had very little. The planning … [Read more...]

Conferences: Go

It is slightly paradoxical that since I left networking for the student life I've actually been reading more about networking … [Read more...]

Pervasive Monitoring

In May, the IETF published RFC7258, Pervasive Monitoring Is an Attack. No matter where you stand in regards to the IETF … [Read more...]

It was Inevitable…


[Read more...]

Why Internet Standards are Still Important

Vidya Narayana, in a piece at Gigaom, said recently: So, why did I actually stop contributing to standards definitions? The … [Read more...]

NAT saves the day!


Introduction NAT is bad, it breaks end to end connectivity. It's misused as a security tool. Using NAT kills kittens. Yes … [Read more...]

Are certifications tests still worth your resources in the day of Hybrid IT?


Let me start by laying out this disclaimer:  This is in no way intended to devalue or criticize any vendor or vendor neutral … [Read more...]

Out with the old, in with the new


A few weeks ago I was asked to help a client turn up and move everything over to a new network. I have done this many times … [Read more...]

Where Are All the Operators in the IETF Standards Process?

Network operators – service providers, enterprises, engineers, architects, data-centers, campuses, etc. – are responsible for … [Read more...]

Farewell to Networking

Almost twenty years ago, I began my career in networking.  HP hubs and routers, no VLANs, one router PHY port per subnet.  … [Read more...]

Podcast Planning – Got A Great Network Down Story?

Photo courtesy of dcmorton / Flickr.

Greg and I want to record a "Nightmare Before Christmas" podcast, where folks come on and tell us their most grisly, … [Read more...]

A Bit of Irony…

There's something terribly wrong about this... RUSH hour in Nairobi can be a nightmare. "Most motorists don't follow … [Read more...]