PQ Show 36 – ENIGMA NMS – Network Management – The Engineers Monitoring System from NETSAS Australia


Network management and monitoring is at the heart of every network but not every product is based on client requests. Enigma … [Read more...]

Network Break 22


Cisco Loves and Hates Net Neutrality, SDN WAN continues to grow and Analysts as AWS puppy dogs - drooling, licking themselves … [Read more...]

Show 213 – What’s Next for Avaya Enterprise Wireless – Sponsored


Unlike Gen Z’ers, who have never known a world without Wi-Fi (or Minecraft), some of us get to see technology come full … [Read more...]

Network Break 21


IT Talent Shortage and Whiny CIOs, Podcasts Make Money, ACI vs NSX wibbles and Dell busts some moves.   IT … [Read more...]

Show 211 – Should IT Engineers Get Fired For Production-Impacting Mistakes?


First off, apologies for the serialization error. We know, the last show was #212 in the title but #211 on the filename, when … [Read more...]

Network Break 20


Powering the Cloud 2014 (English) - Welcome Small conference in Frankfurt Germany that I enjoyed quite a bit. Meru … [Read more...]

Network Break 19 – Fixed


Note: We had an audio problem and Network Break 19 is now fixed. A short discussion on the problems of Docker … [Read more...]

Show 212 – HP Networking in the Data Centre – Sponsored


In today's sponsored podcast, HP Networking looks to educate network engineers about HP’s data center portfolio and … [Read more...]

Show 210 – SPB Implementation Fundamentals


Dominik and Ricki Cook join Packet Pushers Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks in a hands-on exploration of Shortest Path Bridging, … [Read more...]

PS Show 35 – OEM SFP and QSFP Modules – Do They Work ?


Do you really need genuine SFP and QSFP modules in your network equipment ? We talk technical with Prolabs, a supplier of OEM … [Read more...]

Network Break 18


This week we round up the news.   Brocade Vyatta Controller OpenDaylight with commercial integration rapid … [Read more...]

Show 209 – HP Networks and Network Management – Sponsored


Talking about Network Management get mixed reactions in the network industry with a rich history of products that didn't … [Read more...]

PQ Show 34 – Cloudflare Keyless SSL


A couple of weeks ago, Cloudflare announced a new solution that allows DDOS Protection, Caching and application firewalls of … [Read more...]

Show 208 – So, You Want To Work For A Vendor?


Lauren Malhoit, Paul Stewart, and Ed Henry join Packet Pushers hosts Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks for a discussion about what … [Read more...]

Show 207 – Cisco Nexus Unified Fabric – Sponsored


Before listening, you might like to download the PDF that goes along with this show... Building simplified, automated, and … [Read more...]