Packet Pushers has a New Hosting Provider

I’ve had so much pain with hosting at Media Temple that I have moved Packet Pushers to a new provider today.

If you notice anything wrong then send me an email and I’ll fix it. Hopefully I’ve caught most of the problems.

Rant on Media Temple.

I can’t say that Media Temple was bad, but my experience has been poor. Lousy support (email questions take one day for each questions and answer & I stopped bothering after the last time), poor uptime but the worst is the way they force you to configure the system which forces bad administration and painful choices (running WordPress in FCGI mode since the Apache is chroot) . The documentation they provide is awful (“community driven”) and they won’t answer any questions that isn’t related to their hosting system.

I was never able to get WordPress running properly at MediaTemple and finally gave up trying to work out why. I’ll be migrating all my blogs over the next week or two.


  1. says

    Long time listener, first time caller. From what I can tell, you've moved the website over to Linode in their London facility. Performance looks great, even from across the pond in the US. Linode's support has been top notch as I come up on a year of service in their Atlanta, GA, USA facility. If you ever have any questions, their admins (and a lot of snarky customers) hang out in #linode on Freenode IRC. You can usually get even faster service that way if you have issues.

    Cheers, and hope this new hosting works out for you.


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