Coming Soon From The Packet Pushers

We have an announcement to make…but not yet. Here’s a couple of clues!


Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks, CCIE #20655, has been managing networks for higher ed, government, financials and high tech since 1995. Ethan co-hosts the Packet Pushers Podcast, which has seen over 3M downloads and reaches over 10K listeners. With whatever time is left, Ethan writes for fun & profit, studies for certifications, and enjoys science fiction. @ecbanks
Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks
  • Matt Thompson

    About time you boys opened a gift shop

    • Derick Winkworth

      First thing that came into my mind was… t-shirts.

  • David Bulanda

    Unicorn protected tin foil hats to keep away vendor FUD.

  • WRK

    New iPad app!  Unicorns vs Tin Foil

  • Tom Hollingsworth

    I think I know, but I’m not going to spoil it.  I just wonder…what are you going to do with an army of unicorns that are protected against conspiracy theories?

  • Kenneth Ratliff

    Despite being secure in my sexuality, I just don’t think I could bring myself to wear a t-shirt that had a unicorn and a rainbow on it.

    Unless the unicorn had a lightsaber. That, I could do.

  • Matthew Norwood

     You’re shutting down the show and going to work for Cisco to do social media? Or, is some vendor going to permanently sponsor the show and now every episode will be about OpenFlow/SDN?

  • Guest

    Unicorn Tears is running in the 2012 Kentucky Derby?

  • Rafael Alix

    I only wonder ?

  • NetworkSpy

    Rainbow colored unicorn puke and tin foil hats….are we all quitting network engineering and becoming Columbian hookers? (God knows I sometimes feel like one…)

  • Michael Schipp

    Call me think, but that I do not get.