Frequently Asked Questions

What is Packet Pushers?

Packet Pushers is a community of IT practitioners & vendors who write, podcast, and help each other as industry professionals. The community is built primarily around our podcast network. We have several shows, seen in the top bar of this site. Packet Pushers started out covering networking exclusively, and networking is still our primary focus. We also cover other technology areas as well, such data center design, virtualization, and general technology trends.

The key for us to is to make the content focused, practical, and deep, while at the same time having a bit of fun.

Packet Pushers is a full-time business supported by sponsorships from IT vendors. All sponsored content is clearly marked and still technical. We have vendors bring on technical folks and engineers to discuss their products at a meaningful level. We insist that our vendors offer value to our audience even while performing acts of marketing.

Who is on the Packet Pushers team?

  • Greg Ferro & Ethan Banks are CCIEs with 20+ years of experience each in production IT environments. They are the primary hosts of the Packet Pushers podcasts, well-known writers, and public speakers.
  • Robin Young is the Packet Pushers Admin Engine. She handles our business logistics, graphic design, scheduling, marketing materials, and assists with business development.
  • Drew Conry-Murray is the Packet Pushers Content Director. Drew writes, hosts the Network Break podcast, manages the community bloggers, edits copy, manages our team briefings, posts most of the shows, and helps plan content.
  • Ricki Cook is our audio editor. Ricki is both a networking professional and world-class audio engineer with real-world experience for the Olympics and some of the biggest music acts in the world. He mixes and edits many of our shows, and is our trusted audio advisor.

Why do you have sponsored shows?

Packet Pushers sponsors allow us to create shows, write blogs, perform research, attend vendor briefings, and travel to conferences. Without our sponsors, Packet Pushers would just be a hobby. Instead, it’s a full-time business that supports our families.

Can I be a guest on the show?

We look for knowledgeable people who speak well and have something to add to the conversation. We love bringing new people onto the show. Contact us if you’re interested in adding your voice to our community. Grease the skids with Skype and a USB headset.

Why don’t you talk more about certification exams and test topics?

We do cover certification experiences and strategies now and then, but that’s not really what the podcast is about. Our content focuses on the work that we do everyday. We want to discuss information that isn’t covered anywhere else – in other words, real-life topics and issues.

How much time does it take to produce a show?

Roughly 10 hours spread over several people. We spend many hours each week scheduling guests, researching topics, and writing the show outlines. A show recording usually takes between 1 and 2 hours. The post-production and publication process takes between 2 and 6 hours.

Can I download the show manually from the web player?

Yes. There is a direct download link in every post on the podcast website, just under the media player embedded in the post.



What is your policy on comments and forums?

In short, our policy is don’t be a jerk. We want Packet Pushers to be a friendly and inviting place where people exchange ideas and share information. We will delete comments and forum posts that are rude, hostile, racist, sexist, or self-promoting. If you want more details, read our policy statement. If you want to report a comment or forum post, contact us at

What are Packet Pushers Interactive, LLC & Thropos, Ltd?

Packet Pushers uses 2 entities to do business with our vendors and subscribers, pay taxes, etc.

  1. Packet Pushers Interactive, LLC is a limited liability company registered in the state of New Hampshire, USA. The majority of Packet Pushers business is conducted through this company.
  2. Thropos, Ltd is a limited company, incorporated in the UK: company #05816201, VAT No: 916 8803 01. Non-US vendors who wish to conduct Packet Pushers business through a non-US company can work with Thropos.