Healthy Paranoia Show 15: The Dudes of REN-ISAC

It’s the latest dudilicious episode of Healthy Paranoia! This time we’ll be covering the topic of information sharing and analysis centers (ISAC), specifically in the research and educational networking sector, aka REN-ISAC. Joining Mrs. Y on this adventure into the land of dudeness is Wes Young, REN-ISAC Principal Security Engineer and Architect (El Duderino), Keith Lehigh, Lead Security Engineer from Indiana University (the Duder) and bromance expert and developer, Liam Randall.

We’ll explore subjects such as:

  • The history of ISACs.
  • The benefits of information sharing or crowdsourcing security.
  • Which intelligence feeds are better: paid or free?
  • Mrs. Y’s bandwidth envy.
  • Why mixing beer, zombies and lawyers is always a bad idea.

As always, Healthy Paranoia is security-douchebag-free, a place where nerds run free and the dudes abide.

Show Notes:

REN-ISAC Security Event System

The Collective Intelligence Framework (CIF)

Collective Intelligence Community

Farsight Security, formerly Internet Systems Consortium Security Information Exchange (ISC SIE)

Intelligence Exchange in a Free Market Economy by Wes Young

Presidential Decision Directive 63 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7

Anti-Phishing Working Group

Assorted presentations on CIF


Mrs. Y
Mrs. Y is a recovering Unix engineer working in network security. Also the host of Healthy Paranoia and official nerd hunter. She likes long walks in hubsites, traveling to security conferences and spending time in the Bat Cave. Sincerely believes that every problem can be solved with a "for" loop. When not blogging or podcasting, can be found using up her 15 minutes in the Twittersphere or Google+ as @MrsYisWhy.
Mrs. Y
Mrs. Y
  • Herr Nilsson

    We are Nihilists!! We believe in nothing Mrs Y!!!!! 😉

    Great Podcast as always.