Healthy Paranoia Show 6: Once Upon a Time, There Was Virtualization…

Yes boys and girls, today we tell a story of clouds. The Packetpushers attack the subject of virtualization security. You’ll hear Greg Ferro and Ivan Pepelnjak* wax eloquent about unicorns and an amazing Larry Ellison imitation by Tony Bourke. We’re also joined by a new friend, awesome security researcher** and entrepreneur Taylor Banks, who manages to help us keep the snark level up to Packetpusher standards.

Show Notes:


*Hopefully someday I’ll be able to spell Ivan’s name without looking it up.

**Hey, I don’t have to keep telling people that security researcher = hacker, right?

Mrs. Y
Mrs. Y is a recovering Unix engineer working in network security. Also the host of Healthy Paranoia and official nerd hunter. She likes long walks in hubsites, traveling to security conferences and spending time in the Bat Cave. Sincerely believes that every problem can be solved with a "for" loop. When not blogging or podcasting, can be found using up her 15 minutes in the Twittersphere or Google+ as @MrsYisWhy.
Mrs. Y
Mrs. Y
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    Great show all!

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    Hazaa! Hazaa! lol

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    great stuff!