“Hello, World” From A New Packet Pushers Blogger

As this is my first post on Packet Pushers I thought it would be polite to start with an Ahoy hoy!

I’m exited about sharing some of my networking challenges with you all, and hopefully giving some insight into how I think the world of data networks will (or should!) evolve.

My day job is with a well-known financial services organisation which operates out of the UK with a network that extends to a few hundred sites across most of Europe and some places further afield.  We own two data centers and a couple of offices for the 2,500+ staff.  Not the biggest network you’ll meet, but big enough to suffer all the usual problems.

Almost everything that moves packets here is Cisco, but other brands are beginning to creep in.  We’ve just ordered our first F5 load balancers after struggling with ACE for a year, and we’ve always had a heterogeneous stance on firewall products for the reasons I’m sure you’re familiar with.

On my agenda for this year are a new data center which will be Nexus based, a new Internet connectivity solution that will be pretty radical (for our industry anyway) and an investigation of the protocols that will change how we build networks i.e. TRILL, LISP and OpenFlow/SDN.


P.S. Being the network nerd that I am, my side interest is in community home-grown Internet access networks, so expect the odd reference to Gigabit FTTH along the way.  I do have a blog dedicated to this topic at http://wiredcounty.blogspot.com/


  1. Shane Copelin says

    Welcome to the community.  I’m looking forward to reading the perspectives you bring to the table.

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