Help Us Plan Our Shows – The Podcast Planning Forum

When the podcast started, we planned shows using Google Wave. After Google killed Wave, we moved on to Google Docs. And now, it’s Google Drive. But…we want more community involvement in the shows – our topics, how deep we dive, the bits worth skipping, etc. So, we thought we’d try planning podcasts in the public eye via the new forum site.

In the Podcast Planning sub-forum, all of you can influence the outline we use when recording a podcast. One of us will start a thread proposing a show outline, and any of you that want to can comment. We’ll take all the feedback into consideration to finalize the outline, and it will all happen right on the forum. And if you’re really passionate about the topic, maybe we’ll pull you into the recording. We want more people to lend their voices to the show, too!

I’ve already started a thread for a proposed show on OSPF design. Jump on in there and help us turn it into the show you want to hear most.

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