Holiday Greetings Podcast – Your Audio Greeting Cards Wanted!

For the community show we plan to release during the last week of December, we’d like to include a montage of audio “greeting cards” from all of you. Everyone is invited to participate (yes, vendors too, as you’re a huge part of the community).

The process is simple. Record your greeting in any audio format you like, and attach it to an e-mail to with “Holiday Greeting Audio” in the subject line. Keep your recording short – no more than 30 seconds.

If you need an idea of what to say, try something like, “This is Kelly Smith, network engineer from San Jose, California, USA. Wishing everyone in the Packet Pushers audience a Merry Christmas!” If you get nervous, write your greeting out ahead of time, and then read it. Here’s some more ideas.

  • You could name your employer and job title.
  • Plug your blog, Twitter handle, forum handle, etc. if you want.
  • Be nerdy, witty or clever. Puns are fantastic. Reveal your Sith name. Describe which part of Middle-Earth you trace your heritage back to. And so on.
  • Read your greeting in English, and then repeat it in your native tongue.
  • Mention a favorite podcast episode or guest and why they were a favorite.
  • Yes, it’s okay to name the specific holiday you celebrate, if any. Or just “Happy Holidays” if you prefer. Or skip that bit. We’re a global community, and our greetings will reflect that.

I’ll splice all of the greetings together for inclusion in the 2012 Holiday Greetings podcast, and I think that’ll be a fun way to say hello to each other and close out what has been a fantastic 2012.

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