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What Readers Say About Human Infrastructure

Sometimes people say nice things

 I just had to reply  and compliment you on this issue – Section 1 is so on the money  (and chimes so precisely with my experiences) that it’s scary. 


Yo, just some feedback. . loving the new newsletter. Really readable. Great content. And its like an email version of Robin Williams's  Good Will Hunting. ... "Its not your fault. ... Its not your fault ..." -  :) Simon

I wanted to say thank you for including Fred Chagnon's article on imposter syndrome, and to Fred for writing it. I've seen the phrase used in articles directed at women before, but haven't come across it in general business or IT writing. I definitely haven't seen it used in a non-gender directed way, even though nothing about the feeling is inherently gender specific. So, seeing something written in a more universal - hey, lots of us have this feeling at some point in our career and here's how to deal with it - lifted my day.



I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome newsletter today! I mostly consume information from the internet in a passive way, but the stuff you guys write about and the way you write it made me drop a line. I had the good fortune my life showed me how to learn some of the ideas you wrote about already. I know about coming up rough with different interests than everybody around you. That's why I figured out how to leave the frustration behind and learn how to deal with people, all for the better.

Nice one this week!  Especially the first 3 articles. Keep it up! - Trevor