The Packet Pushers have an Internet Relay Chat channel: #packetpushers. If you’re not familiar with IRC, Google around, or visit FreeNode and educate yourself. Briefly, IRC is old-school text chat.

Serious, hardcore networking nerds hang out on #packetpushers. We talk about geeky things like routers, firewalls, MPLS, switching, data center design, protocols, networking products, Greg’s bedazzled bright green organic cotton undies, etc. There are side trips into the land of nerd culture. Unicorns are referenced often. If you listen to the podcast and you’re into packets, this is the place to be. Otherwise, it might feel a bit like stepping onto the moon…without a space suit.

Ops might kick/ban your nick if you:

  1. Promote illegal or unethical acts.
  2. Annoy everyone else.
  3. Are a vendor and advertise your product.
  4. Have an egregiously filthy mouth.
  5. Talk off-topic too much, especially if you’re offensive to others while doing so.
  6. Call vendors ridiculous names. Keep your opinions serious and informative.

IRC clients to get you started:

  1. From anywhere: telnet. Because you can, not because you should.
  2. From a web browser:
  3. From Windows: mIRC is popular.
  4. From OS X: LimeChat makes me happy.
  5. From iPhone: Colloquy ($1.99 in the app store, 4 stars).
  6. From Linux: XChat works.

Last updated 29-Jun-2013.