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Testimonial – ToDo

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Video + Podcast

Let Me Explain

In this video, Greg quickly explains what you get now. Plus why are doing this and what we hope it will become. Important: We won’t abuse your privacy because that would suck.

Going a Bit Deeper Into What, Why and How

Very short podcasts that give you some more details about the membership

The Value of Membership (TODO)

Ethan & Greg take 90 seconds to tell about the membership system and why you want to join. Plus some stuff about where we will offer more in the future. We want to deliver first before we promise.

What is the Link Propagation Newsletter ?

Drew & Greg briefly talk about the weekly Link Propagation Newsletter.

About the Human Infrastructure Magazine

Ethan & Greg take p0 seconds to explain this unique magazine-style newsletter and why you might want to get it. Because its a bit different.