Packet Pushers Has An IRC Channel On Freenode – #packetpushers

If you find the notion of a Packet Pushers Internet Relay Chat channel appealing, well then – good news for you. We’ve created one. Please read the static IRC page with the details, including the rules (still a work in progress as folks make suggestions). E-mail [email protected] if you’d like to be an op and can convince us why you’d be a good one. We already need more ops, especially in North America and Europe.

Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks, CCIE #20655, has been managing networks for higher ed, government, financials and high tech since 1995. Ethan co-hosts the Packet Pushers Podcast, which has seen over 3M downloads and reaches over 10K listeners. With whatever time is left, Ethan writes for fun & profit, studies for certifications, and enjoys science fiction. @ecbanks
Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks
  • Chris

     This is so awesome! Can’t wait to park my BNC in here an let the good times roll.

  • Derick Winkworth

    Without a doubt, this is a great, great idea…