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The first episode of Packet Pushers was Show 01 – Lab Scenario – the First Podcast and was released on 2 May 2010.

As time of writing, the latest episode was Show 83 – We Are an Independent Show was published on 3 Jan 2012. During this show, Ethan and I talked about what podcast will do this year and some of things that we are working on. What we didn’t realise, is that this was our 100th Episode.

Ppn 100 shows huh

At various times, Packet Pushers had different shows. For a while we have “Unplugged” on WiFi topics only, and TechFieldDay specials where we published recording of presentations from those events. And we had some shows called “Runt Packets” – lately, we just call them all Shows and number sequentially. So, “Show 83” is our 100th published show.

Yay for us.

By the Numbers

Ppn 100 shows 5

According to my iTunes, the total length of the published shows is 3.5 days of audio and 2.78 Gigabytes total files. We have over 3000 subscribers to the podcast RSS Feed, and over 1000 subscribers to Blog RSS feed.

What also surprising is that we are approaching half a million downloads. According to our podcast provider, the total statistics now that we have reached 100 shows are:

Total Podcast Statistics Since First Show
Overall Dec Jan
Total Downloads 471,174 28,226 16,738
Unique Downloads 398,232 24,431 14,287
Unique Repeat Downloads 46,899 2,985 1,319

The best measure is Unique Downloads because some people might download an audio file in parts, especially when listening on the web. The Unique Repeat Downloads are a representation of how many people have downloaded two or more shows.

These numbers suggest that Packet Pushers is close to 500,000 downloads to as many 50,000 people over 18 months. That seems like good numbers.

Production Times

Each show takes about 10 hours to produce. This includes organisation, emails, show planning, working with guests, audio checks and topic preparation. While topic preparation can sometimes take many hours for a technical show, the “Virtual Whiteboard” shows don’t need so much. Recording is typically 1.5 hours, and then another 1.5 hours to edit the show down. It takes about another hour to write the blog post, upload and publish the shows. This means we’ve spent about 1000 hours putting the show together or about 50 hours per month on average. (This doesn’t include time spent managing the blogging platforms etc, just the show production.) Yes, the show requires a lot of time, but the statistics below show that it’s worth it.

Podcast Subscribers

So far, Packet Pushers has just under 3000 subscribers to show. Most shows today will get downloaded about 4000 times in total as many people find us over the web on a particular topic.

Ppp 100 shows 4 feedburner

Global Reach

Packet Pushers has a very diverse reach with audience distributed around the world. Which is very cool. We wanted to share our experience and knowledge with other people, and it is gratifying to know that we are sharing with people all over the world.

Packet Pushers Global Breakdown

Operating Systems

At least 35% of people who download the show seem to use Apple Macs. This is an average over the last 18 months (when Macs were not so popular), and I suspect that the per show percentage today would be much higher than 35% today. Interesting that a large percentage of Networking people are using Mac instead of Windows.

Desktop Operating Systems for Podcast Subscribers

Playback Devices / Type

The bulk of the audience are using podcast clients like iPod/iPhone and Androids (which are usually mobile applications/web browsers). We get a lot of people listening in the web browser when referred from other websites – we hope they subscribe to the show.

Ppp 100 shows 1


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting us. Especially a big thank you to those people who have made donations to us and helped to support the ever increasing costs of the show.

And thanks to all the bloggers who have started to share their experiences and knowledge here too. It a great community who discuss, and share knowledge & information about their lives.

In the coming year, Packet Pushers Podcast will introduce some new ideas for recording formats and show topics. We are hoping to have more diverse content where we interview a wider range of technology. We are getting more financial support from vendors in the form of sponsorship for shows, banner advertising, and even for events such as the OpenFlow Symposium that we had in August. A big thanks to Cisco for being a strong supporter of the show.

We are hoping to attend some of the vendor conferences to learn more, and interview more people. There are lots of great technical people that we want to discuss, learn, argue, debate and share information with. I’m hoping that vendors will work with us this year to have Packet Pushers join them for events such as customer conferences and major shows.

Again, thanks to everyone. It’s been great to share with the networking community across the world. We appreciate your support so far and how you’ve told everyone about us.

You can continue to support us by telling your friends about us, and putting us in your presentations and internal emails. If you are instructor, you could tell students to check us out. As always, leave a rating and comment on iTunes because it’s the best way for new listeners to find the show.


Follow the Packet Pushers on Twitter (@packetpushers | Greg @etherealmind | Ethan @ecbanks), and send your queries & comments about the show to  We want to hear from you!

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    Congratulations on milestone achieved  >> keep up the good, vendor independend spreading of tech info, views and opions “too much podcasting would never be enough” !

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