Show 128 – Big Switch Networks demos Big Virtual Switch & Big Tap

After all the discussions about OpenFlow and SDN, it’s time to look at real products. In this podcast, you can hear Dan Hersey of Big Switch Networks, explain the Open SDN architecture and  how the Big Network Controller provides a network application platform and previews  the SDN products that run on the Big Network Controller –  Big Virtual Switch & Big Tap.

Stay until the end for the demonstration of Big Tap, an Open SDN-based monitoring application.

You can find out more at Big Switch Web Site

Networking doesn’t need to suffer from chronic inflexibility. Networking can again form the basis of innovation and efficiency. Large-scale networks do not need to be rigid, fragile constructions. To improve the health of networks, networker engineers need to return to the beginning and embrace a new generation of innovation. Dan Hersey can show you how to take some first steps along a path that will transform your network. The transformation starts with an Open SDN. And the time to transform the network is now.

Big Switch Networks

The current state of networking technology introduces unnecessary complexity and costs. Complicated network architectures are difficult to scale and painful to manage. Advances in computing and in switching platforms have enabled a cure to these ills: the Open SDN Architecture.

An Open SDN simplifies networks while increasing their ability to scale. By abstracting the physical elements, the network resources can be pooled and operated in an automated fashion. This approach stands in contrast to the traditional complexity, which focused on a distributed network model. This model defines the network in terms of devices tied together with layer-upon-layer of network protocols. Such an approach is no longer necessary. Advances in technology have enabled network designs that are centralized. Centralized network architectures, based on software tiers, free network administrators from the tyranny of inflexible network protocols.

Open SDN Architecture

The Open SDN architecture is a flexible, centralized approach that can, for example, empower network engineers to define cloud-oriented architectures that dramatically simplify the implementation of security, network-wide visibility, and tenant isolation. An Open SDN supports both physical systems and virtualized systems and provides the only scalable, agile, and cost-effective solution to the problem of dynamic network resource allocation in data center and network backbones.  In Open SDNs, the centralized control tier provides a programming toolset and an operating environment for network applications, much like an operating system. The application tier consists of software that provides end-user facing network functionality. These network applications are enabled by making the control-tier a network-oriented programming platform and a run-time environment for applications & tools.

New to OpenFlow ?

Back in october 2011, we delivered an Introduction to OpenFlow that was aimed at Network Engineers and it’s been very popular for people to understand how OpenFlow changes the forwarding plane in network equipment –  Show 68 – Practical Introduction and Application of OpenFlow Networking

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