Show 44 – The Case for Shortest Path Bridging

Today its a special show focussing SPB – Shortest Path Bridging. The not quite finished, any day now, IEEE standard to offers a successor to Q-in-Q bridging and delivers L2 mulitpath technology. After a fine rant by Greg on a blog post Rant: Why SPB Doesn’t Get Any Attention, some members of the SPN group got in touch by the comments. Lets talk it out.

Show Notes.

  • Shortest Path Bridgin – IEEE Standard 802.1aq
  • PBB provider backbone bridging – SPBM (MAC-in-MAC)
  • SPBV – VLAN – regular ethernet (Q-in-Q)
  • Discussion how VEPA & VEB could readily replace vSwitch in VMware.
  • Some discussion the “openness” of the IEEE (even though they hide all their proceedings and documentation)

Relevant Links

Introduction to SPB – Provider Link State Bridging Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture video: Network Virtualization using SPB – Avaya White Paper – SPB vs Trill – The Great Debate: TRILL vs 802.1aq SPB IEEE 802.1aq Shortest Path Bridging


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