Healthy Paranoia Show 10: Beware the Shmoo

Darkness falls across the land,

The hacker hour is close at hand.

Creatures crawl in search of 0-days

To terrorize your enterprise.

And whosoever shall be found,

Without the soul for clamping down,

Must stand and face the nerds of hell,

And rot inside a clear text shell.

The foulest stench is in the air,

The funk of unencrypted drives.

And grizzly exploits from every area,

Are closing in to steal your data.

And though you fight to protect the org,

Your body starts to goo.

For no mere mortal can resist

The evil of the Shmoo*

Join Mrs. Y. for a series of guerrilla style** interviews  at Shmoocon, Bruce Potter‘s wildly popular security conference held in Washington DC. Listen in for some humor, scary anecdotes and wisdom from luminaries in the infosec community, including;

The recording quality is rough, because I had to grab quiet corners where I could. But the content makes it all worthwhile.


 *Pathetic homage to the intro from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

**You’ll really get the double entendre once you listen to the podcast.

*** No Deathbot video, but this is pretty cool.

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