Healthy Paranoia Show 23: Phone Phreaking, Hacking and Fraud, Oh My!

That’s right listeners, you’re not in Kansas anymore! It’s time to follow that Yellow Brick Road to another episode of Healthy Paranoia. Today, we’ll be discussing phone phreaking, hacking and fraud, oh my! So we’re off to see Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of VoIP security, Patrick McNeil. Joining me over the rainbow for this trip to the Emerald City is Good Witch of the North Amy Arnold, and our very own Mayor of the Lollipop Guild and network architect Andrew Gallo. I’ll be your host, the Great and Powerful, Mrs. Y. You’ll hear the Tin Man get a heart, the Lion will find some courage and Senior Management will finally get a brain. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • Overview of VoIP protocols – H.323, MGCP, SIP, RTP, RTCP, Skinny
  • Bearer or data vs. signaling
  • Vulnerabilities of VoIP and TDM
  • Common attacks
  • Best practices for securing voice
  • MPLS is sexy?

Show Notes:

VoIP protocol listing: A glossary of VoIP protocols and standards

VoIP Protocols

Mean Opinion Score (MOS)



Dionaea Honeypot

sundayddr SIP scanning worm


H.323 vulnerabilities

Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA)

Yet another parody film of Unified Communications


Wicked Witch of the PBX



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